Naruto makes canon a powerful technique seen in Boruto anime

It seems Boruto will finally manage to overcome his father’s power.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations! They have made canon an important anime moment in the Manga series with the newest chapter in the series. As the clash with Code continues to evolve in uncertain ways, as both Boruto and Kawaki battle the former member of KaraAt first it seemed like Boruto had more control over his karma mark even though his body is carefully complete in terms of His Otsutsuki transformation. But the newest chapter in the series pulls the rug out with an unfortunate arrangement in which Momoshiki is seen taking over our protagonist’s body once again.

Boruto had unleashed the full power of his Karma Mark because he and Kawaki were fighting to fight to face any kind of real damage against Code, and even less than he expected thanks to his enemy’s own Karma powers.. But with the newest chapter in the series, things took a big turn for the worst, as Momoshiki again takes control of the body of the young ninja, son of Naruto. It then unleashes a new kind of Rasengan ability, and while there are some minor differences from the version of the one seen in the anime, it certainly makes the original Anime compression now an official part of the Canon.

The anime had introduced the compression Rasengan (known as Rasendan), as something Boruto could use to break the original Kara member from the anime, Deepa’s tough outer outer shell. It came with some major risks and recoil against Boruto’s body, but it is a much tighter version of the Rasengan that deals much more damage, but gathers it inside his fingers before he is finally fired as the “Rasendan” or Bullet version of The technique. Momoshiki uses a version of this when he takes power over Boruto’s body in Chapter 65.

This variant has some important differences from the compression rasengan, but the properties of the base are the same. So now, when the anime finally gets to this point, Momoshiki’s assistance in technique will be displayed as it has happened before in Boruto. This also raises the question of whether or not it could work the other way around, as the Rasendan appears to be a deadly technique, but also one that Boruto could really bear to have as part of his arsenal, as their fights become even more intense..

What do you think? Is the Rasendan a sufficient version of the Rasengan compression? Does this make the official canon of the anime questionable compared to how it incorporates the manga material? It seems that Boruto has finally managed to overcome the power of Naruto, his father, with this new technique! Although, if Otsutsuki is still in the power of his body, we do not know if he could replicate this powerful attack without him.. We will have to wait for the new one manga chapter to find out more about it.

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