Naruto Makes Surprise Appearance During Viral Volleyball Match

Naruto may not get much opportunity to play sports thanks to his current position as Seventh Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village, but that’s not stopping the Shonen franchise from forging its way into plenty of sporting events. real. With Konoha’s ninjas getting nods like the National Basketball Association, National Football League, and UFC, it looks like the jutsus of the ninja world have found their way into Brazil’s volleyball games.

Darlan Ferreira Souza is a volleyball player in Brazil, who took the opportunity to throw some hand signs that in the world of naruto, usually released a fireball or lightning attack appearing from the fingertips of the ninja casting said sign. To date, in the continuation of the series of Boruto: Naruto Next Generationsthere are still countless ninjas who use these hand signs to implement their techniques, although with the power of karma being implemented by heroes and villains, jutsus can sometimes take precedence over some wild attacks that are spawned by the Celestial. clan known as Otsutsuki or technology from the spirit of Amado.

A Reddit user was able to capture the moment that blended the worlds of anime and volleyball, with Souza unafraid to show his love for the Hidden Leaf Village and the story of the Seventh Hokage that s has been pursued in both anime and manga circles for decades:

The guy who does Jutsu to serve Volleyball ๐Ÿ˜‚ Lol. Naruto is too much culture… from

Currently, the Boruto manga and anime are at two very different stages for the new incarnation of Team 7’s journey, with the story in print continuing to see the Hidden Leaf face off against the Kara organization. Of course, Kara is now under new management with Code leading the charge after Jigen’s death. As Code gathers a new band of rogue ninjas to help avenge his master, it seems Konoha also sees major benefits in adding Amado to its ranks.

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