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the sleeve of Naruto will have a very special return in Mexico. Through its official accounts, the publisher panini He shared that they will have a reissue of the adventures of the young ninja. It does not yet have an established arrival date, but they estimate that it will be available by September of this year.

This manga reissue will be known as Naruto: Gold. It will be white sheet with color pages in volumes 2 in 1. According to information in the image, there will be 36 volumes of this new edition. This seems to indicate that all events will be covered, including those of Shippudenwith this presentation.

Each of the volumes of the manga of Naruto: Gold It will cost $239 pesos. In other words, if you want to get the entire collection, you will have to prepare to pay about 8,600 pesos. Perhaps Panini will soon share more previews of what this reissue will look like. This way it will be easier to know if it is worth it.

This is what Panini's Naruto manga reissue will look like
Source: Panini Mexico

The announcement of the manga reissue of Naruto caused some mixed responses. On the one hand there are those who celebrate it since they consider it to be very difficult to get the volumes that are currently. Others mention that They would have preferred Panini to bring other manga that have not yet reached our lands.

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We can’t deny that Naruto: Gold represents a very good opportunity. Either for those who want to get into the manga of the seventh hokage or for old readers. those last maybe they will be grateful that they can have the whole story in fewer volumes. Which can make your manga collection more manageable.

How many volumes did the original Naruto manga have?

The original manga of Naruto had 700 chapters that were collected in 72 volumes. That is why the announcement that there will be 36 volumes of this reissue tells us that we will have the complete story. Including Shippuden events. Remember that this name was only given to the anime, the manga was always called the same.

Naruto manga had 72 volumes before this reissue
Source: Shueisha

Those who want to acquire this reissue of Naruto they must be attentive to the official pages of Panini. Perhaps in a few months they will share the exact release date. Something that is not clear is if all the volumes will come out at the same time or they will be weekly releases. Will you buy it? Tell us in the comments.

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