Naruto: Masashi Kishimoto makes a redesign of the first cover of his work in the Weekly Shonen Jump of 1999

Masashi Kishimoto is the creator of the popular manga Narutowhich revolutionized all the latest generations in the world of anime, This has given it the title and the respect of being currently the most sought after and consumed work today. for him latin publicnow in your 20th birthdaythose in charge of producing both the manga and the anime decided to give the fans a well-deserved gift.

On the one hand, the emotional and epic anniversary video that Pierrot made, the animation studio in charge of Narutowhich compiled the most important moments in historyeach one marked with its most outstanding opening and that we are sure brought more than one tear to the longest-lived fans.

For another, Kishimoto redesigned the cover with which it was released Narutoin the 1999 Weekly Shonen Jumpan emotional redesign that to date surprises us due to the changes that both the mangaka and the character have had, the 1999 version looks much more cartoonish, compared to the redesign, which looks much more rectilinear and according to Naruto that we know in the anime.

“Jump #Stronger February Extra Large ⇆ Weekly Shonen Jump 1999 No. 43 Masashi Kishimoto will be drawing the cover of Saikyou Jump, which will be released on 1/4 (Wednesday)! This is a new version of the Jump cover when it was published on 1st episode of “NARUTO”. In addition, the paper stand in the appendix is ​​also drawn by Mr. Kishimoto! Please look forward to the release!”

Nevertheless, there are details that are not in the original design, such as the goggles that are replaced by the protection bandthe scroll that he holds in his hands, disappears or is not seen, and his neck is completely covered by his characteristic orange jacket, without a doubt this redesign makes the Leaf ninja see much more work by Kishimoto’s hands, that after years of practice and skill he managed to perfect his drawing.

Similarly, we have seen many curious facts, from the meaning of the names of the characters in Narutoeven the real relationship they had Zabuza and Hakuthe first arc of the story that prompted the work, of course, we cannot leave out the fan art of the community that often offer us a very different perspective of the universe created by kishimotoall these can be found in their respective related notes.