Naruto may have introduced a new type of sharingan


It seems that Ada could be a fearsome enemy…

In the most recent chapter from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, we could see a new type of sharingan, an ability that few possess and that is manifested through the eyes of every ninja. However, this did not come from a powerful new ninja, but from a well-known antagonist, Ada.

In the middle of the fight, Shikamaru chooses to literally keep the situation contained by locking himself, Amado, Code, and Ada in a room. As Naruto bangs on the door trying to get in and help his friends, Amado reveals what power Ada has and why Naruto should be careful with him.

As the cyborg girl displays a strange jutsu on her left eye, Amado explains to Shikamaru: “It’s called Senrigan. You can see what is happening anywhere in the world… Also, it is not limited to current events. In general, you can also view past events. Which means you can’t hide anything from him.”

Shikamaru is quick to point out a potential weakness with the Senrigan: cannot see into a person’s mind or heart. Just the actual actions and events that occur. So Ino’s jutsu that links Naruto’s team in psychic conversation is out of Ada’s grasp.

This is another new eye jutsu for the Boruto chapter of the Naruto saga; We recently saw the wild new Sukunahikona dojutsu from Issihki Otsutsuki, the leader of Kara. That power allowed Isshiki to shrink himself or any non-living object he set his sights on, and instantly return it to his full size on a whim. Isshiki’s power has now passed to Kawaki through the villain’s Karma resurrection mark on the boy. In the meantime, Boruto has carried the mystery of Jogan in his right eye, which is also linked to Otsutsuki’s DNA. that now rules your body.

A new sharingan-like eye jutsu appears in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations continues to expand the jutsu mythology of the Naruto Saga, with the reveal of this new eye technique. Boruto’s current story arc has introduced new threats in the forms of Code and Ada, two cyborgs who were so powerful that even the Kara Organization thought it best to keep them frozen. Ada’s power has been particularly formidable: a clairvoyance that allows her to see any event that is happening or has happened in the course of her life. Now, in Chapter 70 of the Boruto manga, Ada’s power is officially given an eye jutsu name!

naruto 70

Code and Ada launched a surprise attack that seemed to be devastating. However, the “ambush” was actually a trap: Shikamaru and Kara’s former scientist Amado were waiting for Code to attack; Unfortunately, Amado never counted on Ada showing up or having to outwit her omniscient powers, as well as her pheromone-enhanced lures that bend people to her will. **We will see how this tense fight unfolds soon.

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