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Warning! Spoilers ahead for naruto and blue exorcist chapter 132!

The perfect execution of how blue exorcist depicts how Rin Okumura meets the late Shiro Fujimoto exposes all the wasted potential naruto squanders when the young shinobi gets the chance to see his dead parents.

Towards the end of blue exorcist, before mangaka Kazue Kato put the series on a nearly year-long hiatus that is still in effect, Rin received a special key from the mysterious Mephisto that allowed him to travel through time. There he witnesses the whole life of his mother Yuri Egin, who had been a mystery to him, until the tragedy that inevitably befell her. Then, in chapter 120, Rin returns to his childhood home without the proper clothes that keep him hidden, allowing Shiro to see him. The rules of this experiment placed many limits on what Rin could do or say with his deceased loved one, increasing the tragic implications of the ordeal far more than anything Naruto suffered when he met his mother Kushina. .

In naruto, the eponymous shinobi’s deceased mother, Kushina, appears to her because her husband sealed her inside their son so that she could one day help Naruto control Kurama’s powers. During this emotional encounter, Naruto is reassured directly by the person he most needed to hear from, dispelling all the doubts about himself and his family that have plagued him his entire life. He not only gets some burning questions answered, but he even gets the chance to kiss Kushina. While touching and bittersweet, Rin’s experience with Shiro adds another level of sadness that narutothe format could not touch. Rin didn’t have the ability to tell Shiro who he was or how he felt.

What Rin took away from the experience of blue exorcist, however, is that he could ask all the questions he wanted and not have to worry about getting a revised version of the truth in a way that a father would tell his son to make him feel better. In particular, Rin asks Shiro if it was hard being a dad. What Shiro tells him is undoubtedly a version of the truth that a man is willing to share with a stranger he will probably never see again. And what he has to say is touching – in a way more emotionally heartbreaking than anything Naruto’s mother could have said. Regardless of the aforementioned limitations, there is a point where Rin is actually able to call Shiro “father” since Shiro was a holy man: “Father… thank you for everything.The expression on Shiro’s face gives readers hope that he may have realized who he’s talking to, but leaves enough doubt to leave a bittersweet feeling. This dynamic is lost in Naruto- not to mention that Rin’s bond with Shiro is stronger simply because he grew up with him.

About narutothe father of , with whom the young shinobi actually has a chance to fight alongside, later on, blue exorcist sets the stage for at least Rin or his brother Yukio to fight against a version of Shiro. As revealed in previous chapters, Shiro is actually a clone that was used as a means to hopefully serve as Lucifer’s vessel. And now the Illuminati – who are about to enter an all-out war against Rin, Yukio and their friends – have released another clone of Shiro. To fight alongside his deceased father as in naruto is one thing, but having to cross swords with his father’s clone as in blue exorcist is quite another thing.

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