Naruto might have stolen one of his best battles from Cowboy Bebop

This controversial scene has been talked about for quite some time.

The iconic anime of Naruto has presented a large number of amazing battleswhich to this day continue exciting and liking every lover of this series.

The epic battles in narutothey have undoubtedly endured through the yearsbecause they are full of an incredible showiness that have given a unique touch to these combats, because they are very well animated and elaborated.

On the other hand, Cowboy Bebop has had great battles that have managed to stand out, one of them has been seen in the feature film of this franchise, called: Cowboy Bebop: The moviewhich occurs with Spike Spiegel and Vincent Volaju, the famous villain of this film, highlighting the great Spike’s fighting stylethanks to the fluidity of the animation of this fight.

It is well known that Naruto and Cowboy Bebop are totally different anime. However, there is a great dispute between fans of these franchises who claim that Naruto has stolen one of the fight scenes of Cowboy Bebop, because the similarities of both battles are almost exact. Next, we tell you the details.

Has Naruto stolen this scene from Cowboy Bebop?

This controversial scene has given much to talk about for quite some time

This controversial scene has given much to talk about for quite some time

The Naruto anime has had various battles that have given much to talk about, coming to be classified as the best of the series. However, there is one of these fights that has been in middle of controversy since many years.

Despite having few similarities, there is a fight scene from Cowboy Bebop, which seems to have been traced by Naruto.

It’s about the fight you had Naruto and Neji at the Chunin ExamsWell, many say that it is a copy of the fight he had Spike vs. Vincent on the trainwhich has sparked controversy among fans of these franchises, who have made various theories Regarding this topic, many say that it is not a robbery, but that they were inspired by the same source, while others say that laziness on the part of the Naruto animation team gave this result.

Many fans of this work have assured that this controversial fight scene from the Cowboy Bebop and Naruto franchises has been inspired by Bruce Lee moviesit is well known that Spike’s fighting style is influenced by this martial arts fighter. However, Naruto is not far behind in this regard, because on previous occasions Sasuke has been seen using Conan Lee’s movements in the movie “Ninja in the Dragon Den”.

While it is true that they have had a great influence on the part of this fighter of martial arts, it is unlikely that this fight scene that has caused so much controversy was inspired by Bruce Lee, since not confirmed yet a shot of this fighter performing the same movements of the scene in question, so this theory lacks solidity.

On the other hand, many fans speculate and claim that Cowboy Bebop: The Movie and the episode Naruto #61share the same staff member responsible for the animation of both series.

This theory seems to have greater robustness, as Haruo Sotozaki was part of the team that developed these scenes. This isn’t to say that Sotozaki is specifically responsible for Spike and Vincent’s fight on the train, but it does at least make sure that Naruto he didn’t steal this sceneas it could be an animator paying homage to his previous work or that of his colleagues.

Naruto hasn’t stolen Cowboy Bebop

Naruto has not stolen this fight scene from Cowboy Bebop, as they are not totally the same. However, it is evident that if they were inspired by it

Naruto has not stolen this fight scene from Cowboy Bebop, as they are not totally the same. However, it is evident that if they were inspired by it

The debate about this controversial scene has extended for yearsmaking fans forget in the middle of these conversations, the differences that exist between both scenes.

While it is true that both scenes they have many similaritiesthese are not the same, because each one has a moment that differentiates themso it is not plagiarism by Naruto.

On the other hand, there is no denying that the Naruto’s inspiration for this battle is quite evident. However, this does not make her a plagiarism, since many animes make self-references and tributes to each other, showing great respect and admiration for the work of her colleagues.