Naruto: Model presents an incredible Hinata cosplay as one of the anime waifus

One of the most loved anime series by all is Narutoas it showed us exciting battles and introduced some endearing characters such as Hinata, one of the most amazing anime waifusdemonstrating his great abilities and convictions.

Hinata Hyuga possesses one of the abilities that are part of her family’s genetics, the Byakugan, which allows him to have a superior vision of almost 360 ° and they can detect anything around them, but it has worked very well for her on her missions and one cosplayer paid homage to him.

One of the favorite waifus is Hinata

Through Instagram, the model Alice_dias_c shared an incredible version of one of the most beautiful waifs of NarutoHinata, who we certainly remember her as one of the female characters who managed to grow in her training and as a ninja.

Source: Instagram @alice_dias_c

As you can see, the artist respected Hinata’s essence and brought back the version we met in naruto shippuden, with her long hair, with two locks on her face and bangsjust as she wears her band that identifies her as a ninja on her neck.

Meanwhile, his outfit is that of a gray jacket with lilac, which combines very well with his white eyes, since it is one of the characteristics that people with the power of the Byakugan have.

However, something that is striking is that she has activated this power, since the sharpest pupils can be seen and veins are marked around her eyes, due to the flow of blood.

With this ability, Hinata has proven to be one of the waifs anime’s most powerful Naruto and it is clear how it was that captivated the protagonist.

What do you think of this cosplay of one of the waifs of Naruto?


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