Naruto, My Hero Academia, Death Note: 8 times the animes got sloppy

As is the case with movies and series, animes can sometimes be sloppy too. Just because you love a work doesn’t mean you can’t pick up on the somewhat messy passages present in it. Because, contrary to what one might think, big names in animation have decided to take shortcuts to clarify situations that would not have been explained otherwise. Naruto, My Hero Academia, Death Note, Yu-Gi-Oh have necessarily given you, at one time or another, the impression of delivering parts of their plot completely out of nowhere. We therefore invite you to discover those 8 times animes got sloppy.

We point out that this ranking does not in any way reflect the opinion of our editors. The order is based on the votes of thousands of anime fans around the world, who were able to provide their feedback on the site. Ranker. This top, moreover, will be subject to change over time, but at the time of writing, it was next.

8) The demonic origins of Yusuke (YuYu Hakusho)

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It’s at the very end of the series YuYu Hakusho that we learn that Yusuke is half demon. It’s been a bit late when we know that the character has lived many adventures alongside the viewer … The revelation of this element of the plot is also delivered to us in a very curious way.

When Yusuke confronts Sensui, he transforms into a demon for the first time, but finds himself unable to control his body. It is actually his ancestral father who takes command through atavism. This phenomenon, which also exists in our reality, explains the heredity of certain characteristics but does not allow us to understand why Yusuke finds himself dominated by his father.

7) Nagato draws a line of thought in one discussion (Naruto Shippuden)

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Without saying that the series Naruto has many sloppy passages in its plot, it can be said that there are times that are clearly short cut. Understand that the great villains of the series inevitably end up becoming nice in contact with Naruto, as we tell you about it in this article.

The best example of this observation is that of Nagato. How? ‘Or’ What Naruto was able to convince, in a single discussion, the one who was hiding behind Pain to stand up against the war he himself had started? After a fight that claimed many victims, Nagato ends up reincarnating the souls of all the victims he caused. Among them were important figures like Kakashi. This greatly reduces the emotional impact for the remainder of the series, suggesting that no death is final.

6) Le concept paradoxal de Digimon Adventure : Last Evolution Kizuma

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The film Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuma starts from the postulate that when a digi-savior approaches adulthood, he separates from his companion Digimon. This therefore places our hero Tai in a delicate situation in which he finds himself forced to choose between his friends and his Digimon.

If you haven’t seen this film, you’re probably thinking that all of this is doomed to bring us to a heartbreaking ending? Not if you’re a longtime fan of the competing Pokémon series. In this case, you have surely watched the last episode of Digimon Adventure 02. One can see a group of adult digisavers with accompanying younger creatures. Suffice to say that this is in total contradiction with the very concept of the film Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuma.

5) Luck in Yu-Gi-Oh Duels

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Fans who play video games or with real Yu-Gi-Oh cards know well that it is rare to perform “a good pickaxe”. This is however not taken into account in the anime … It is quite the opposite! No matter the series, the anime Yu-Gi-Oh has always shown monster duels where the hero draws the right card stack when he needs it.

He also plays cards that he will only use in this duel and that we will never see again afterwards. That’s a shame. If the anime is interesting, it does not transcribe the difficulty of playing the right combination of cards at the right time and prefers to create clashes with an often artificial tension.

4) Near suspects Mikami too easily (Death Note)

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We know it, Death Note puts much of its plot on the intellectual development of its characters. If it often works very well, leading the protagonists to reflections bordering on genius, other times the series is sometimes given over to ease. The characters then begin to guess elements of the plot without having the information necessary to draw their conclusions.

This is exactly what happens when Near guesses Mikami is X-Kira after his appearance on television. As a spectator, we do not understand how the young man arrived at this path. The worst part is that when he finally finds the proofs of what he is saying he will retract. These storyline issues only affect the anime. In the manga, things seem much better under control. Surely this is to be attributed to the overall rhythm of the anime, seeking to simply get to the point.

3) Kirito receives administrator powers (Sword Art Online)

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Absoutely everyone wanted to see Oberon lose to Kirito. However, how this was done is quite questionable. As our hero is losing to his opponent, Akihiko Kayaba, one of the former antagonists of the series, appears and lends Kirito a hand. He does more than just give it a helping hand and gives him the data of his administrator account.

Thanks to this, Kirito gets his hands on mind-blowing powers that ultimately allow him to easily defeat Oberon. In view of this succession of events, the spectator is entitled to ask himself a few questions: why did Akihiko Kayaba decide to support Kirito? What made our hero trust a man who almost killed him? And that kind of surreal scene doesn’t stop there. After the fight, Akihiko Kayaba makes another appearance and entrusts Kirito with the seed of the world, who, for his part, accepts it without asking any questions …

2) Bakugo has temporary access to One For All (My Hero Academia)

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My Hero Academia : Heroes Rising is the second film based on the anime. In the fight that concludes the feature film, Izuku Midoriya transmet à Katsuki Bakugo le One For All to defeat their formidable enemy. This major event that you thought you’d never see in the anime feels even crazier when you think about it.

This twist upsets all certainties that we had around the manga. The main hero of My Hero Academia loses what marked the beginning of his story and his greatest rival acquires a power that could change his destiny. We ask ourselves: how will the work be able to adapt to this incredible upheaval? Then we discover that Bakugo loses the One For All right after the final fight. Midoriya therefore keeps his Quirk as if nothing had happened, even though his comrade was able to use his power without any concern … The reason found by the writers is quite simplistic. The transfer of power has not come to an end. A somewhat disappointing explanation given the unfortunate consequences that this passage of the film could have had on the continuity of the anime.

1) Maka hits his opponent with a punch (Soul Eater)

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For many fans around the world, the end of the anime Soul Eater was not up to the task. Inside, Maka Albarn manages to defeat Kishin Ashura in an unsatisfactory way. The big final fight of the series ends in a very simplistic way, with a punch in the face from our heroine.

If this has been made possible, it is because Maka is considered the embodiment of courage. His opponent, meanwhile, represents fear and madness, which explains why he was able to be defeated by this famous punch. This end appears all the more sloppy when we know that the fight takes place in a very different way in the paper version of the work.

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