Naruto Offers New Details About Sakura’s Apprentice Years

Sakura proved to be very cunning for Tsunade’s games.

Naruto is one of the most popular series from all over the world within its genre. This ninja series which closely follows the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a young orphan who seeks to become the Seventh Hokage to save the Hidden Leaf Village from the threats of its enemies, perfectly mixes an essence between adventure and comedy.

Given the childish and stubborn character of its protagonist, fans often tend to focus on his personality and that of his inner demon, Kurama. However, although his dream can be very moving and often the character’s actions position him as the center of attention of the series, it should not be forgotten that there are other ninjas equally important to the plot.

One of them is Sakura Harunoa Jonin level kunoichi, a member of Team Kakashi, who also became a close friend of Naruto Uzumaki and later married Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto’s popular enemy for a long time).

What do we know about Sakura?

well initially Sakura showed great devotion to Sasuke. Uchiha, thanks to the aura of mystery that surrounded him, his sharp and cold attitude, as well as a great talent for combat. Thus, Sakura’s first appearances don’t say much about her, other than that she is simply trying to please the Uchiha Clan member.

In the course of the story, the member of team 7 realizes that Sasuke was not the boy she always wanted. And besides, her biggest concern came true: Sasuke had abandoned Konoha in his relentless pursuit of power. So…he was further away from her than ever.


Curiously, Sakura’s goals were always tied to Sasuke, since his main mission became, together with Naruto, to bring Sasuke back, even though he didn’t seem to care. On the contrary, the member of the Uchiha Clan became a more dangerous criminal, but the only one who had a chance to save him was Naruto.

In other words, Sakura knew that she would be tied to the decisions of Naruto Uzumakiso he ended up hating him and considering him a fool who only interfered in his eagerness to make himself visible to Sasuke. However, as the events in her village unfolded, Naruto’s idea of ​​her completely changed, after the latter demonstrated her courage and determination and inspired her to become a better person.

Of course, as you can see, Sakura Haruno’s story doesn’t have many nuances, thanks to his incessant interest in Sasuke and the little deepening of his character in a way. Motivated to get her attention, her only mission was to rescue him and make him finally notice her. She always had very clear ideas about him, but apart from her shy personality and other details about her childhood and adolescence -such as her training with Tsunade-, we don’t know anything else about her.

but now what boruto: Naruto Next Generations follows the story of the son of a steadfast ninja who achieved his lifelong dream of becoming the Seventh Hokage and overcame all possible obstacles to get there, the series decided to reveal some details about Sakura which, without a doubt, are quite interesting.

Some tricks Sakura learned

During the anime adaptation of Naruto, the story did not address some of the aspects of its leading characters. In this case, Sakura Haruno. However, there is a new spin-off manga where we can see that Sasuke and Sakura form a team after the events of Naruto: Shippuden, but before Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

It was previously known that Sakura learned everything she knew from her tutor, the former Hokage, Tsunade, but the spin-off also shows that Sasuke had used his own techniques for important moments. What do we mean by this?

Okay, Orochimaru, Tsunade, and Jiraiya basically tutored Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke., so the ninjas forged their knowledge through these wiser ninjas… in their own way, of course. For example, Naruto learned the Rasengan from Jiraiya, Sasuke took part in Orochimaru’s “dark ninjutsu”, and Sakura focused on Tsunade’s healing techniques. However, it was not the only thing the latter learned from her mentor.


In the most recent chapter, Sakura faces an unknown decision where she shows Sasuke an ace up her sleeve. To meet the goal, Sakura has to play a game of Star Lines. And, after her victory, the pink-haired ninja finally reveals her secret:

“The cards were worn, so they must have been really old. Each card has its own scuffs and scratches, so I memorized the back of each one while pretending to check the fronts. It’s a trick I learned training with Lady Tsunade. You know she’s a sore loser, right? At first, I’d humor her and let her win, but then she’d go ballistic! She never wanted to back down when she was on a roll. I realized if we just tied, she’d get bored “.