Naruto: opening of an official website for the 20th anniversary of the anime – Anim’Otaku

20 years ago to the day, October 3, 2002, anime narutoadapted from the famous eponymous manga by Masashi Kishimotowas broadcast for the very first time on Japanese television.

Two decades later, the October 3, 2022the title honors the 20th anniversary of its broadcast with the opening of a official site dedicated to the licenseon which quizzes, a lot of information on the work as well as its latest news are offered to fans in many languages, including French.

In parallel with this new web platform, three commemorative posters, each retracing one of the three major parts of the work, from Naruto’s youth through his confrontation with the Akatsuki, to the grand finale of the series facing Kaguya, were also unveiled.

If for the moment, no additional information has been announced regarding this twentieth anniversary, one thing is certain: it has only just begun, and many surprises await fans of the most popular ninja. For example, Masashi Kishimoto’s flagship manga offered itself, on April 4, its very world’s first digital publicationon the platform

While waiting for new projects to unfold, Naruto’s adventures continue through the adventures of his son. Borutoto be found in the anime of the same name.

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As a reminder, the anime naruto is adapted from the manga of the same name written and drawn by Masashi Kishimoto, pre-published between September 1999 and November 2014 in the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump of the Japanese publisher Shueisha. The French version of the manga is published by Kana since 2002 while its adaptation in anime is to be found in streaming VOSTFR and VF on DNA.