Naruto Or One Piece? These Are The Most Popular Anime Series By State

Streaming services have made anime more available than ever, and CenturyLinkQuote decided to take a look at which shows dominate in America. (Scroll down for the full infographic.)

Fans can find their favorite anime in many places – Netflix, for example, is great for original anime; Hulu shows a lot of classic anime; and Crunchyroll is simultaneously streaming anime direct from Japan.

CenturyLinkQuote measured search volume by state for 100 of the most popular anime of all time. Surprisingly, while it seems like you can’t go out without running into a Pokemon, the series itself was only most searched in eight states: Delaware, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine, North Dakota, South Dakota South, Vermont and Wisconsin. Don’t waste time worrying about Pikachu, though; they are seven Pokémon series, and they come second only to an anime that has been around for over 20 years: A piece.

The star of A piece has a name that sounds like a Pokémon: Monkey D. Luffy. But Monkey is a pirate with the power of a rubber body. He spends his days traveling the waters of the Grand Line in search of a treasure called One Piece that will make him King of the Pirates. His followers are looking for him the most on the streaming seas in 25 states.

Striving like Monkey does is a common theme in anime (and the manga it’s often based on). The same goes for Naruto, the star of an anime that bears his name. He’s a ninja trying to become the Hokage, or leader of his village, and he rules in Alabama, Indiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Tennessee, and Texas.

Hot on her heels is my hero academia, an anime that postulates: what if most people on the planet had superpowers? Of course there should be a school for them. In My hero academia, Izuku Midoriya is a boy born without powers but acquires them. To learn how to use them, he enrolls at UA High School, an institution that anime fans in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Iowa, and Oklahoma would likely wish to see in their district. This fall, however, they’ll at least be able to watch the new season.

the anime Death threat is not very suitable for school: it is about a boy who discovers that he can kill his classmates (and anyone else) simply by entering their names in a notebook. The series is a hit in Kansas, Nebraska and North Carolina.

Three series enjoy popularity in a single state: Sailor Moon in California, Jujutsu Kaisen in Hawaii, and The attack of the Titans in Utah.