Naruto plays and more come to our region

In Japan it is very common to see anime adapted for the theater. Although most of these productions can only be found in this country, this has started to change little by little. Now, it was recently revealed that the works of Naruto, My Hero Academia, Sailor Moon and more, will be available globally through streaming.

Recently, Japan 2.5D Stage Play World announced that the works of Live Spectacle Naruto, My Hero Academia The “Ultra” Stage, and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: The Musical Nogizaka46 ver. 2019 They will be available in the West through streaming starting next December 10. These productions can be enjoyed on the company’s official website for only $ 15.

On the other hand, on January 7, 2022 they will be added Live Spectacle Naruto: The Tale Of Uzumaki Naruto and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: The Musical Kaguya Hime’s Beloved. Unlike the other three productions, which were available in our region in a similar way in August of this year, these two productions are completely new for the western public, for which they will cost $ 20 each.

These five works will be available to the public through streaming on the 2.5D Stage Play World Official Site. Nevertheless, productions will be withdrawn on February 3, 2022. All regions, with the exception of North Korea, China, Russia, and the Middle East, have access to these adaptations.

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Editor’s Note:

This is good news for anime fans. These types of productions never reach the West with real actors, so having these presentations by streaming is the best there is at the moment. Will you see any?

Via: 2.5D Stage Play World

Naruto plays and more come to our region

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