Naruto prepares a special anime video in which he will collect… his characters running

The JUMP Festa 2023 left us with a series of announcements of “Naruto” for the 20th anniversary of the franchise that can basically be summarized as follows: the expected Arc of Code in “Boruto”the adaptation of “Sasuke Retsuden” like anime and a worldwide popularity poll based on which it will be decided which character will write a next short manga. What climax has decided Pierrot contribute to this? Well a compilation of “Naruto” characters… running.

Surely it was not the content of Naruto that you expected, but for something his way of running is so famous

It’s not a joke, in fact, I can leave you below the countdown channel to which the studio will upload this official celebratory video for the 20th anniversary of the “Naruto” anime:

For those of you who are a little stunnedbecause this is my case I am not going to deceive you, I leave you four things to take into account about the video and the publication:

  • If you click on the channel you will see what you think of the exact premiere time depending on your region. In the case of Spain This video will be published on December 23 at 11:00 in the morning. 😁
  • Will this video lead to some kind of special announcement about the anime? Honestly, I have no idea. the truth that I think it’s a strange publication of noses Taking into account above all that we are in the final stretch of part 1 of Bleach TYBW (which Pierrot does), but if they didn’t announce anything else at JUMP Festa 2023… I’d be surprised if it happened now just because. 🤔

Will this weird “Naruto” video be seen? Well, unless they crack a 1-hour edit of running characters, I guess. The truth is that I am still quite baffled because it seems to me one of the weirdest ads I’ve seen in a while, especially considering that it bears the 20th anniversary signature. But hey, at this point the decisions that the Japanese make with these things no longer surprise you so much.

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