Naruto Really Underestimated How Horrible Orochimaru Was In The Anime

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naruto has a problem as a Shonen franchise, and it’s one we’ve mentioned in the past. The Hidden Leaf Village offered redemption to characters who are practically beyond, seeing evil antagonists join Konoha’s forces even though they may not have apologized for their nefarious deeds. Recently, a Shonen fan discovered a scene from the manga that shows how evil Orochimaru was when it came to perfecting his dark ninjutsu and how Naruto and his friends could have made the wrong choice by making him a resident of Konoha.

Orochimaru served as the main villain of the Naruto series for a time, trying to use his dark ninjutsu to destroy Konoha as well as gain Sasuke Uchiha’s allegiance to ultimately claim his body for his own. Throughout his ninja career, Orochimaru took the opportunity to extend his lifespan by swapping bodies, to the detriment of those who were quite attached to their physical forms. Unfortunately for the snake ninja, he didn’t realize how powerful Sasuke would become and the dedication the Uchiha had to get revenge on his brother. During World Ninja War 4, Orochimaru would eventually join Konoha and give Hidden Leaf one of its strongest young warriors in Mitsuki, who joined Boruto and Sarada as part of Team 7.

A Twitter user shared a brutal scene from Naruto’s manga in which Orochimaru’s “laboratory” was shown in all its terrifying glory, proving just how far the serpent ninja was willing to go in learning dark new techniques that would make him both more powerful and potentially immortal:

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As of now, Orochimaru has been absent from the fight against the Kara Organization in the later chapters of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga, with the anime allowing the serpent ninja to battle against the Otsutsuki-based group by confronting Victor. While the former villain has played well with those he’s already attempted to assassinate, there’s always the possibility that he’s biding his time to launch another attack on the Ninja World.

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