Naruto returns to television, through Warner Channel, for Latin America in 2022

Naruto comes to Warner Channel for 2022. Photo: Land Gamer.

The anime is still valid, and also the arrival of Naruto to television screens, a story recognized not only in his homeland, Japan, but in other parts of the world. The news is according to an announcement on the official Warner Channel Twitter account, in a short thirty-second video where the next premieres for the year 2022 in Latin America are seen.

Naruto is coming next year. The publication also announces new episodes of Riverdale, Young Sheldon and Legations, the latest season of Flash and another premiere: Wipe Out.

“December is here and it brings us a lot of news! 🙌 Enjoy new episodes of #Riverdale, #YoungSheldon and #Legacies, the last season of #Flash, the premiere of #WipeOut and the best specials. You can’t miss a thing! “, dice posting on Twitter.

Photo: image capture.
Photo: image capture.

This news caught the attention of fans of the Japanese work created by Masashi Kishimoto and published in Shukan Shonen Jump. This brought back the childhood of those who watched anime on television channels like Cartoon Network, Fox Kids, Jetix, etc.

The television platform did not provide further details about this incorporation, the exact date of the premiere or a possible arrival of the sequel to the saga: Naruto Shippuden is not known.

Recall that the first broadcast of the anime was in 2002 and has 220 episodes and even was listed on the Netflix streaming service alongside Shippuden.


Naruto Uzumaki is a teenage ninja who has the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox locked inside him. Twelve years before the start of the series, the Nine-Tails attacked Konohagakure, killing many people. As a consequence, the village leader (the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze) sacrificed his life by using the Death Demon Consuming Seal to seal it within Naruto when he was a newborn, thereby hoping to stop the slaughter.

For this reason, Naruto was the victim of mistreatment by those who considered him as the Kyūbi himself. As a solution, the Third Hokage (who had to resume command after the sacrifice of the Fourth Hokage) published a decree prohibiting anyone from mentioning the Kyūbi attack, and whoever did so would be severely punished.

Twelve years later, Naruto graduated from the Ninja Academy using his Jutsu: Multiclones of Shadows, which came from the village’s forbidden scroll, which he had stolen after being tricked by the renegade ninja Mizuki. During the meeting between Iruka, Mizuki and Naruto, the latter learns that he was the container container of the Kyūbi, and that there was someone who esteemed him and recognized him morally as a person, which was Iruka.

The story tells of Naruto’s first adventures with his first squad with Sakura and Sasuke, led by Kakashi. The plot contains 220 episodes.


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