Naruto Reveals Major Boruto Update

What is Boruto’s big update? The Naruto spin-off heralds an important update for the future of the franchise.

Naruto has revealed a major Boruto update. Jump Festa is without a doubt the biggest event of the year for shonen franchises. This year’s convention will reveal some important news for My Hero Academiaone-piece, jujutsu kaisen and many more franchises. It’s no surprise that the Naruto saga also has a role to play as it keeps releasing new stories under its sequel series, Boruto. The animation studio responsible for the TV series, Studio Pierrot, is hinting at some big news coming as part of this anime event taking place this December.

Studio Pierrot is pretty busy this fall anime season. Not only with the release of new episodes of Boruto, which continues to release installments almost weekly. But also with the return of Ichigo Kurosaki and the Soul Society in Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War. Like Studio BONES, who is currently working on My Hero Academia and Mob Psycho 100, Pierrot is juggling two great franchises. But so far he has shown that he can excel when it comes to bringing the Hidden Leaf Village and the Reapers of Souls to life. Although an official crossover between the two shonen franchises has not been confirmed, anything can happen.

What can we expect from the next Jump Festa?

Pierrot will be attending this year’s Jump Festa. has announced “new information about the series”, in addition to a twentieth anniversary. That could mean that the Hidden Leaf Village will grow a little moresince the anime adaptation currently has unique stories that differ from what we have seen in the manga.

Since a new animation was used to celebrate Naruto’s 20th anniversary, some shonen fans have been clamoring for a rebooted series that retells the story of the Seventh Hokage with new animation. Certainly, with Pierrot giving Bleach a wild makeover thanks to the arrival of the Thousand Year Blood War arc, there’s evidence that the animation studio could successfully give the legendary anime a fresh coat of paint.