Naruto reveals that Amado is still hiding a huge secret

Beloved seems to have big secrets and be surrounded by a lot of mystery.

The most recent happenings in Boruto have been full of big revelationssince for the first time the reason for the exaggerated level of powers in the series.

In addition, it has also been revealed new Jutsu with the power of a God that will completely change the course of this series. However, apparently there are still many enigmas that have not been revealed.

On the other hand, the last chapter of Boruto has revealed that the former member of Kara, Amado is still hiding a secret. Next, we tell you the details.

This post Contains spoilers from chapter #75 of the Boruto manga.

Naruto confirms that Amado has a big secret

Beloved seems to be hiding something

Beloved seems to be hiding something

The events in Boruto do not stop surprising his followers, since this last chapter has revealed great mysteries and riddles that could completely change the course of this series.

The revelations that have currently been made have revolved around the former members of Kara, as Amado has arrived at the leaf village along with Eida and Daemon as part of a deal they have made with Naruto to join forces and stop Kode’s plan.

In the chapter #75 of the mangaAmado finds himself telling Naruto, Shikamaru and the others about the scope of the great abilities of Daemon and Eidabecause these come directly from a God, and that he has only transplanted them to these brothers, since these powerful techniques could never be created from scratch by man.

Amado has commented that he has transplanted these abilities using the DNA he had collected from the remains of Shibai Otsutsukia member of the Otsutsuki clan who managed to become a God.

It is known that Eida’s All-Knowing Eye can visualize and listen all scenes that occur in the world as if he were present and Daemon can reflect any attack intent.

Eida and Daemon's abilities come from this deity, as they have been transplanted by Amado

Eida and Daemon’s abilities come from this deity, as they have been transplanted by Amado

However, everything seems to indicate that Amado not been entirely honest when revealing these powers, since, in this same chapter, Momoshiki communicates with Boruto through his thoughts and tells him that he has a concern about one of Eida’s abilities.

Boruto is surprised to hear Momoshiki’s voice in his head, as he believes that it is one of this villain’s plans to take over his body. However, he tells him that he is not a ruse, because apparently his thoughts got mixed up because he reconstructed with his data the parts of their damaged bodies.

On the other hand, Momoshiki tells Boruto that he knows all the Shinjutsu skills in detail, since he has been observing this world for a long time, and that the Eida’s “crush” technique, not one of themproving that Amado is lying and hiding a big secret.

Momoshiki comments to Boruto that Eida's crush ability doesn't belong to Shinjutsu, and that Amado might be lying by making it look like it's derived from there.

Momoshiki comments to Boruto that Eida’s crush ability doesn’t belong to Shinjutsu, and that Amado might be lying by making it look like it’s derived from there.

It should be noted that Amado is a scientist and strategist who is always one step ahead or has a plan involved, as he himself has confirmed his initial plan at to transplant Karma to Kawaki is to revive Akebihis daughter who died from a terrible disease, showing that he always had at his disposal the idea that Kawaki would help him achieve his mission.

This chapter has confirmed that Beloved is still full of great secrets and mysteries that he has not revealed, showing that he is a guy to be very careful of, since he could be someone more dangerous and with an evil plan up his sleeve.

The reason why Beloved he has not been completely honest to Naruto and Shikamaru, nor the secret that he is hiding, so it remains to wait for the plot to continue developing, to be able to visualize what plot is being technologist.