Naruto Reveals The Biggest Consequence Of Boruto’s Revival

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations somehow killed Boruto Uzumaki and brought him back to life in moments, and the new manga chapter has revealed the biggest consequence of his sudden rebirth! The manga series reached the climax of the Code-focused arc as the battle between Code, Boruto, and Kawaki took an unexpected turn. Boruto was killed before it was all over, but was also brought back to life and saved at the last moment thanks to an intervention by Momoshiki Otsutsuki. But while he is alive again, his rebirth also portends bad things for his future.

When Boruto was brought back to life in the previous chapter of the series, Momoshiki teased that even though he was unable to fully manifest in Boruto’s body, Boruto was still in great danger going forward. The final chapter of the series digs the knife deeper and deeper as it is revealed that even though Boruto was brought back to life thanks to Momoshiki giving up the last bit of his full physical manifestation, he can still take control very well. of Boruto’s mind with his soul.

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 68 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations sees Boruto being examined by Amado and Katasuke, and after telling them how Momoshiki brought him back to life using his data to recreate Boruto’s flesh. But while that’s a good thing and means Momoshiki can’t fully manifest in Boruto’s body anymore, they still realize that Momoshiki’s remaining soul is still a problem. Amado explains that they don’t have a solution yet for when Momoshiki takes control of Boruto’s consciousness, which like last time remains a huge problem moving forward.

Boruto feels like he somehow has more control over Momoshiki’s power thanks to this sudden rebirth, but even he isn’t sure what that means for Momoshiki’s remaining soul. So Momoshiki is still having this problem and while he may not be able to interact physically, or maybe even not take control of Boruto’s body as easily as before, but he will still mess with Boruto’s head . This will only cause more problems as the fights get even more intense down the line.

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