Naruto reveals the origins of Eida’s power!

As Eida and her younger brother Daemon have come to live in the Hidden Leaf Village, Naruto and his teammates (especially Shikamaru) struggle to figure out how to deal with their higher level powers. Meanwhile, Boruto is in an internal battle with Momoshiki Otsutsuki, who is obsessed with discovering the true source of one of Eida’s most dangerous abilities: her charm power.

Well Boruto Chapter 76 ending cliffhanger sees Momoshiki finds out the true source of Eida’s charm power, but he doesn’t reveal it to Boruto!

The last chapters of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations saw many different pieces being arranged or rearranged on the board. One such piece is the relationship between Boruto and Momoshiki (two souls sharing one body): as Eida is interrogated by the Hidden Leaf rulers, Boruto experiences the phenomenon of his thoughts “crossing over” with those of Momokshiki. , in a way that makes them completely transparent to each other. So it’s pure coincidence that Boruto catches Momoshiki just as he tracks down the source of Eida’s charm power, which is not of Otsutsuki origin at all. When Momoshiki catches Boruto ‘listening’ to him, he immediately stops the young shinobi from getting the answer to Eida’s power.

As we said, the last chapters of Boruto brought us a massive amount of mythos game changers, in addition to all the big reveals from the show’s later years. We learned about the “god” of the Otsutsuki, Shibai Otsutsuki, as well as “Shinjutsu”, the god-level jutsu techniques that Amado stole to make Eida, Daemon, Code and others into warriors. of unparalleled power. However, it was clarified that while powers such as Eida’s clairvoyance are from Shinjutsu, her charm power is definitely not.

What is Eida’s secret source of power?

Boruto theorized that Eida’s charm power must be some kind of ninja science toolbut the fact that Momoshiki seems to recognize him makes it seem like there’s something more.

Once again: Boruto’s later arcs have expanded the Naruto mythos a lot. Who the Otsutsuki are, where they come from, what their purpose is, and how their advanced technology works has been developed much deeper than the series Naruto Shippuden never donet. All this to say that it’s been made clear that there are other sources of power in the Naruto universe. Could Eida be the gateway to a whole new range of abilities (and threats)?