Naruto Reveals The Tragic Weakness Of Tailed Beasts

This tragic weakness affects tailed beasts and their Jinchurikis.

Since the beginning of Narutothe Tailed Beasts were introduced as amazing weapons which had been created by the Sage of the Six Paths by dividing the Jubi into 9 parts, which were subsequently captured and given to each village to maintain balance.

Likewise, Tailed Beasts were considered monsters with the enough capacity to destroy entire villagesbecause few were able to control their enormous power, which is why they were highly feared and respected.

However, Naruto changed that bad image of the Tailed Beasts, because as the plot developed, he managed to become friends with these Bijuu, showing that they were not as people used to say.

On the other hand, it is known that the Tailed Beasts were creatures incredibly powerful. However, it has recently been revealed tragic weakness that these Bijuu possessed. Next, we tell you the details.

This post Contains spoilers from Chapter #3 of the Sasuke Retsuden manga.

What weakness do tailed beasts have?

It has been revealed that tailed beasts and their jinchurikis have a major weakness that affects them.

It has been revealed that tailed beasts and their jinchurikis have a major weakness that affects them.

Tailed Beasts were introduced in Naruto as extremely powerful creatures with the power to completely wipe out entire villages and subdue any rival that was in front of them, demonstrating the level that these Bijuu possess.

Likewise, in Naruto it was also observed that these Tailed Beasts were sealed inside Jinchurikispeople chosen to carry within the power of these creatures, and make use of them when necessary, since each village had its own Bijuu.

However, despite the fact that these beasts possess overwhelming power, it has been revealed that they have a tragic weakness that affects them and their jinchuriki.

In the Chapter #3 of the Sasuke Retsuden mangaSasuke is in Redaku trying to get any kind of relevant information to cure the heart disease that afflicts Narutoduring this search for information the young Uchiha has had to face Meno againbeing hit by a claw of this dinosaur that apparently had poison, so it has been a little stunned by its effect.

While Sasuke tries to recover from the shock, Meno runs away, which surprises the Uchiha, as he expected another attack by this dinosaur. In view of that, the shinobi of the leaf decides to go after this creature. However, he is approached by Sakura, who is also infiltrated with Redaku, much to the ninja’s surprise.

Sakura tackles Sasuke to neutralize the toxin from the poison that Meno infused into him through her claw.

Sakura tackles Sasuke to neutralize the toxin from the poison that Meno infused into him through her claw.

Sasuke He quickly recognizes Sakura’s voice. who proceeds to neutralize the effect of the poison, and asks her what she is doing in that place, since she should be in Konoha taking care of Sarada, but she tells him that she is in that place to provide him with information, since the mission has changedsince Kakashi managed to investigate some things regarding Naruto’s illness.

Sakura hands Sasuke a paper with the information gathered by Kakashi and at the same time reveals that Naruto’s illness is due to a malfunction in your Chakra channelscaused by the presence of a Tailed Beast inside, since this also happened to the Sage of the Six Paths when he was Jinchuriki.

The paper that Sakura has given to Sasuke, contains information on how the Sage of the Six Paths managed to cure his illness, because in it he says it was thanks to fragments of meteorites called Ultra Particles that he found in Redaku.

Sasuke is determined to find the Ultra Particles

Sasuke is determined to find the Ultra Particles

This chapter has shown the tragic weakness of the Tailed Beasts which also influences their Jinchuriki, because being the carrier of these creatures sooner or later they will end up suffering from the same disease than the Sage of Six Paths and Naruto, as these Bijuu over time block their wielders’ Chakra channels.

Undoubtedly, the turn that has been given to these creatures in this story is very revealing, because when the Tailed Beasts were presented nothing like it was ever addressed or shown, only the psychological effects that the Jinchuriki suffered from being their carriers. An example of this was the Kazekage Gaara, who had a great mental imbalance because of this.