Naruto reveals what would have happened if the Otsutsuki clan had fully evolved

Beware of spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 75!

The Otsutsuki Clan is one of the most important in the history of Naruto. Basically without these celestial beings, the Shinobi would not have come to earth to become different clans, like the Kaguya, Hyuga, Uzumaki and Uchiha. So his direct ancestry with the ninjas defined the fate of the planet and, therefore, the life of each of the characters in the series.


Image of the Otsutsuki Clan.

The story of the Otsutsuki

In his story, which you probably already know if you’ve followed the entire series closely, the Otsutsuki had an intense search for various planets where they possessed a Shinju (the Tree God that grows from the blood spilled by battles). Having found it, they reaped its rewards, and as they used their Chakras, they gained strength and power to live longer. For example, Kaguya had to settle on earth before Momoshiki did. And as for the latter, his ancestors also had to undertake a long journey after their Shinju died, leaving them practically in exile.

Now, Kaguya had a great impact on planet earth by putting an end to wars between humans and establishing the cult of peace of this considered goddess. Kaguya practically forced humans to stop fighting through Infinite Tsukuyomi, but ended up turning into a demon for humanity. When he had his two sons, Hagoromo and Hamura, Kaguya went mad for having lost his Chakra after inheriting it to his offspring.

She merged with the Tree God and in this way a Ten Tails arose that frightened humans, but fortunately, her children stopped her with the Six Paths – Chibaku Tensei and the creation of the moon. Hagoro and Hamura were revered for this action; however, the beast was revived a millennium later in the Fourth Shinobi World War and Madara Uchiha had to trap the planet in the Genjustu in a union with the Tree God. But Kaguya took the chance to revive through Madara and was defeated by Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha.

By way of premonition, a decade later, Momoshiki returned, but Naruto -who contains the Nine-Tails, managed to steal his Chakrabut with the help of Boruto Uzumaki, his son, Sasuke and Four Kages, Momoshiki had completely disappeared from the earth.

So now that we have given a brief overview of the events surrounding the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations series, we can understand that the Otsutsuki were always a threat to the seventh Hokage and, of course, of his son borutowho now takes the lead in his own story arc.

There are many secrets surrounding the Otsutsuki Clan.

Taking into account that the events surrounding the Otsutsuki Since millennia before our most iconic protagonists existed, it’s understandable that there are still secrets to uncover. And this is not surprising, since the key pieces of the puzzle are now starting to make sense, but what do we mean by that?

Now that Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has taken the reins of explanations, we find that Amado, Kara’s former head of research and development, has revealed great secrets about this enigmatic clan. Meanwhile, it has appeared a hidden figure who is presumably the strongest member of these celestial beings. The new member of the Hidden Leaf Village even explained what happens when an Otsutsuki evolves into its final form. And of course, the outlook does not look very encouraging for Naruto’s son and his fellow ninjas.

The scenario in which these mysteries were revealed is as follows: during chapter 75 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Amado throws a bomb at the Konoha ninjas -among them, Daemon and Eida, the active members of Kara-. Thus, before receiving the duo, Konoha’s emotions are ambivalent, since they seek to keep them happy and, on the other hand, they deeply fear their terrible powers.

This fear makes quite a bit of sense considering that Eida and Daemon, before being recruited into Kara by Code, already they had obtained their abilities thanks to Amado and Otsutsuki’s experiments. Therefore, Beloved is aware of the scope of these beings:

“Do you remember what I told you about how the chakra fruit that is formed by absorbing all life on a planet is a colossal mass of energy and genetic information? And that the Otsutsuki are a species that evolves by devouring those fruits? By undergoing repeatedly to karmic resurrection, Shibai cheated death, devoured many fruits over several millennia, and finally cumulative evolution led him to godhood.”


Shibai, of the Otsutsuki Clan.

In a nutshell, Shibai might be the strongest member of the clan. However, there is still not much information about this celestial entity. Perhaps in the future he will come to the series with his full potential to put the ninjas of the Hidden Leaf Village in trouble, but in the meantime, there are many things that we will continue to discover before his appearance, as Eida and Daemon pursue their interests to amass a unique unbeatable army.