Naruto reveals which is the fan favorite jutsu

Within the series of Naruto there are many techniques known as jutsu. Some are more spectacular and useful than others but… which of all of them is the most popular among fans?

Well, that was revealed by a recent survey. This was shared by the @Abdul_S17 account and received more than 692,000 votes. So the results, at least statistically, are highly significant. The winner is an old favorite of many.

It is nothing less than the Jutsu: Shadow Clone, known in Japan as Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. This got more than 195 thousand votes, an impressive number that is a clear reflection of his popularity.

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In second place was Kamui, capable of manipulating space-time for the benefit of those who use it and who exceeded 120,000 votes. As for third place, it corresponded to Tsukuyomi Infinito, which exceeded 73 thousand and is a very good result.

Naruto reveals which is the fan favorite jutsu
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The Rasengan, for its part, obtained almost 57 thousand votes, so that it was in fourth place, while the fifth corresponded to Chidori or Thousand Birds, which was still close to 57 thousand.

Perhaps the Jutsu: Shadow Clone stood out so much because it is a technique that Naruto Uzumaki used on more than one occasion and of which he created various variants over time. It is a way of fighting which he exploited with mastery and a lot of expertise.

What is the Jutsu: Shadow Clone and who invented it?

The Jutsu: Shadow Clone of Naruto Uzumaki is not an invention of himself, but someone else’s idea. That is something that can be seen in detail at the beginning of the series.

The one who conceived this technique was the Second Hokage, Tobirama Senju. This consists of the creation of identical duplicates of the person who resorts to this jutsu.

Once created, they can be used for various purposes, although the most common is that they overwhelm the enemy with their numbers.

Naruto reveals which is the fan favorite jutsu
Font: Studio Pierrot.

The point is that clones are not mere illusions or anything like that. They all have physical consistency, and it is because of this that they can physically attack opponents.

Each one has a fraction of the performer’s chakra. However, they are not durable enough, as too powerful a blow can undo them. But they allow you to confuse your opponent and overwhelm him from every possible direction.

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