Naruto Review #14 by Sachiko-chi

The Hogake is in danger!

Although this is the fourteenth novel published by us from the universe of narutoit was for my part, my first novel!
This one which is Naruto’s Novel The Seventh Hokage and the Spiral of Fate was supervised by Masashi Kishomoto and written by Jun Esakawhich was not his first novel, since we recently owe him Kakashi’s Novel, Sasuke’s Novel or the novel One Piece – Heroinesand he seemed really delighted to be able to write about this universe as we can read in his little preface comment if we can call it that!

I must admit that it was a rather original and interesting experience to discover the characters in another way, for which I found some rather surprising reactions. The author pushes the psychology and the thoughts of certain characters, it’s make or break, most of the time I must admit it’s passed.

The story of this novel is set at the time of Borutoit is better to know the outline of naruto to get started. As for Boruto, rather the beginning to understand the characters and their function in this world. Otherwise, it’s a side story, and it doesn’t require much knowledge of the events of BorutoI am not up to date on the reading but I was not lost during this last one.
This new adventure, as indicated, we will mainly follow naruto who is the target of assassins but who is also the victim of a rather strange and painful disease. This disease prevents him from using his chakra without inflicting great pain on him, he will have to depend on the protection of his friends and comrades, and they will do everything to help him.

The idea is rather original and the reading was quite simple, but this novel highlights some weaknesses…
At first I found the pace quite slow, the beginning is gripping and interesting because you want to understand what’s going on, but the whole middle of the novel is not really rhythmic and I almost got bored on certain passages, it’s the characters that made me stay, out of nostalgia to find them again and discover them in a new way. The end on the other hand is dynamic and I really liked it, I found a small atmosphere similar to what I had been able to know with narutothis mutual aid and this trust between the characters.
For the latter, we find the same as those of naruto, with more or less presence and importance. If some are rather faithful to my memories, I found others quite different like Orochimaru, it wasn’t very natural and then you have to imagine him eating strawberry cupcakes and drinking tea (I’m still laughing about it!). Or even sai of which I found certain rather surprising reactions, it is a character which evolves, but there it was very expressive on its part therefore a little disconcerting!
The author adds new characters like Chihare, a young woman that we meet and who will have her role to play. She is developed, we discover a little of her past, even if I thought it was a bit light, but knowing what she becomes at the end pleased me, she is not forgotten despite her recent presence .

I would like to add that the universe is a little more advanced here, I found the political side interesting and developed, we discover a little more about the country and how it works and I liked it because it brings more depth and decor to the story.
But I must admit that the new technologies disturbed me a little more, even if I know that with a naruto Hokage, the village of Konohagakure has evolved a lot, it’s still funny to see them talking about hamburgers or to see them riding a motorcycle. It’s original and reinforces the evolution and the peace that reigns in this new era, but it’s funny when you see where they come from!

If the story itself is nice with characters who all have their role to play, I was a little disturbed by the writing. Let me explain, quite regularly in the novel, we have a line with a single word, and it’s an onomatopoeia, I find that it doesn’t really belong in a novel. It goes very well in a manga with images, it’s more telling, but there like that, I find that it’s not terrible and it doesn’t add much to the reading… It’s not very serious, but I’m not a fan…

This novel can be read independently of the others, if you are interested go ahead, you will discover another Konohagakure and who you might like!