Naruto ridicules the main theory about Amado in Boruto and his followers’ heads explode

Everything seems to indicate that the hypotheses about this character were not correct.

The main theory regarding Beloved has been discarded in this chapter.

Currently, the Boruto series has been full of big revelationssince a new Jutsu with the power of a God that could completely change everything that was known about the shinobi world.

On the other hand, recently this series seems to have ridiculed one of the greatest theories that exist about Amadobecause this character is surrounded by great mysteries and secrets that have given rise to various hypotheses regarding its past, since little is known about it.

Beloved is one of the most controversial characters that Boruto has, since he harbors enormous secrets that have led him to think that he could be weaving the threads to carry out his deepest desires. However, the most recent chapter seems to have finished with one of the main theories about this character. Next, we tell you the details.

This post Contains spoilers from chapter #76 of the Boruto manga.

The main theory about Amado has been thrown out

Amado's main theory has been thrown out in the most recent chapter

Amado’s main theory has been thrown out in the most recent chapter

The recent events in Boruto have caused great impression on the followers of the worksince Amado has currently explained the scope of Eida and Daemon, since they have arrived in Konoha as part of a treaty between the Hokage and these villains to stop Kode.

In addition, Amado has also been at the center of controversy, since this has been the mastermind that has provided these powerful brothers with incredible abilities, which has awakened great suspicions in Naruto and Shikamarusince apparently this technologist could be hiding his darkest purposes.

The mysteries surrounding Amado are so many that they have not yet been fully addressed in the series, which is why fans have made many theories about thisbecause they want to find the truth about the enigmas that it hides.

One of the great theories about Beloved that has gained traction lately is that this is the new villain of the seriessince on several occasions he has shown to have rather dark motivations and desireswhich has raised suspicions among followers who have speculated that this could be the main antagonist of the work.

Amado has repeatedly shown to have personal motivations and dark desires

Amado has repeatedly shown to have personal motivations and dark desires

However, this theory has been discarded in the most recent chapter, since in this episode the Amado’s true goalsbecause the doubt that Shikamaru had towards this character has led him to confess his motives.

Amado has commented that his real reason for working with Isshiki was for the sake of find a way to resurrect his daughter Akebiwho had died of an incurable disease.

However, Shikamaru still does not believe this, because he still has doubts about this character, since he thinks that this he has not been completely honest. Amado takes advantage of this moment of controversy to tell Shikamaru the following: “¿You think I was going to turn the ninja world on its head?”, ending with “I’m just a normal citizen, not even a shinobi“.

Amado has confirmed with his statements that he is not the final villain of the series

Amado has confirmed with his statements that he is not the final villain of the series

In this way, the main theory that had been created among the fans has been discarded, since Amado himself has declared that he is not a villain nor does he have plans to end the shinobi world, he is just a desperate father who wants to see his daughter again.

Undoubtedly, no one expected that Amado was not the main villain of the series, since recent events had shown signs that he was hiding his true goalbecause his statements did not seem to be completely sincere, since he has had enough deplorable actions that reduce his confidence.

The theories surrounding Amado regarding his role as a villain in the series, will be discarded after these revelationssince the controversy surrounding this character has been put to an end for a long time.

It remains to wait for the plot to continue developing, to know exactly who will be the final villain of the seriesor if it is just part of Amado’s plan to avoid suspicion, since this is a very intelligent subject who must be very careful.