Naruto: Sakura Haruno Returns To Her Genin Days In This Cute Cosplay

One of the most beloved series by anime fans is Narutothat despite the fact that the story ended a few years ago, there are some characters that we grow fond of and that are still present even in the new generation of ninjas, to continue showing that they are very strong.

We talk about Sakura Haruno, whom we remember for being part of team 7 together with NarutoSasuke and Kakashibut it seems that a cosplayer It paid homage to one of the versions that we have loved and that is when your Genin stage was.

Through Instagram, the cosplayer Mmmaniaaaa girl shared an incredible version of Sakura, which will surely cause you a lot of tenderness and in any case will bring back memories of her best moments when she left the Ninja Academy and fulfilled missions.

Source: Instagram @mmmaniaaaa

As you can see, the artist looks identical to sakuraso she could be the one to play it in a possible live action, but what we can highlight is his great long pink hair, which we certainly miss, in addition to the fact that he has his ninja band on his head.

But that’s not all, as her red dress goes very well with her hair and her pretty green eyes. In the photo she seems to be enjoying a day off next to the famous cherry blossoms and we can tell that that’s where her name came from.

Without a doubt, seeing this version of Sakura again brings us many memories and seeing her today shows us how much she has matured and grown, as well as how she has become one of the best medical ninjas in the entire Leaf Village, which is worth recognizing. what did you think of this cosplay of sakura in Naruto?


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