Naruto: See Kakashi’s Chidori in real life thanks to this invention – Senpai

If you are a fan of Naruto and super fan of Kakashi Hatake, then don’t miss this amazing video that shows a version of the famous Chidori of the ninja that copies but in real life.

There are too many things in Naruto which are great but obviously the jutsus are the coolest of all, because they are, to put it in some way, the signature of each one of the shinobis. And of course there are quite generic jutsus such as the Fireball jutsu, the Raiton, Suiton, among others; however, there are many others that are truly incredible and legendary.

For example, the Shadow Clones, the Rasengan and even Naruto’s sexy jutsu, the Mokuton although it is exclusive to Kekkei Genkai holders, users of the wood element, Gaara’s sand techniques and finally, the list is very long. great. And of all perhaps one of the most popular is Kakashi’s Chidori because in addition to being extremely powerful, It is a technique that only Sharingan users can use.. So if you are a team Kakashi and Uchiha, surely this demonstration will interest you.


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The TikTok user @jk_wand shares through his profile different videos where he is seen playing with his collectible anime figures and with what appears to be something like a small Tesla coil that is activated by means of waves emitted by sound. , hence I have to put a little song to make it work.

But anyway, by placing Kakashi in the Coil and activating the music we see that the beam emanating from the artifact passes through the shinobi’s arm making the effect of Chidori. And to tell the truth, although it is a toy at the end of the day, the idea is too cool and more because of the light it emits, which is purple, just like the ninja’s purple electricity that he creates after losing his Sharingan.

What do you think of this demonstration of Kakashi’s Chidori in “real life”?


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