Naruto shares an adorable Boruto and Sarada moment

Adaptation to anime from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations he recently ended the battle against the Kara Organization, with Konoha managing to kill Jigen in a battle that left the Hidden Leaf Village without the power of the Nine-Tailed Fox, Kurama.

With the anime taking a break from the events of the manga and diving into a new series of Chunin Exams or filler episodes, a special scene hinted at the current relationship between Sarada Uchiha y Boruto Uzumaki, while the teammates of Team 7 take a break after Isshiki’s death.

Boruto’s Chunin Exams reveal new original characters. These exams have begun, with Team 7 once again diving into the action to move up the ninja ladder and hopefully become Chunin themselves, rather than their current ranks as Genin.

Sarada and Boruto moment in the anime Naruto

Photo: Boruto and Sasuke in the anime

Twitter user Abdul_S17 posted the latest stills from the recent episode of the anime that shows Boruto and Sarada sharing an adorable moment with each other as they continue their Chunin exams and take a breather after the defeat of the leader of the Kara Organization.

Currently, the relationship between Boruto and Sarada is definitely one that is reminiscent of the siblings, especially when Sarada recently became the leader of Team 7 during their fight against Boro de Kara.

While there has been no indication of romantic feelings between the two, it would be a great twist considering how his parents interacted with each other over the course of the early moments of the Shonen franchise.

How many chapters will the Boruto anime have?

Boruto currently has 222 episodes aired, but its final total is unknown. Boruto and his teammates proved their worth in the anime and after episode 220 a new filler arc was started. You can see Boruto: Naruto Next Generations en Crunchyroll.

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