Naruto: Shiba inu makes a cute Kakashi cosplay, one of the best anime husbandos

Naruto is one of the most beloved franchises within anime, not only for providing fans with exciting moments, but also endearing characters were presented, including Kakashi Hatake, one of the favorite anime husbandos and the most skilled of the Konoha ninjas.

From the first moment we met Kakashi, seemed to us someone mysterious, mainly because his face was covered by a piece of cloth that covered his nose and mouth, while the tape that recognizes the ninjas of the village, covered one of his eyes. But a cute Japanese puppy pays tribute to him with this incredible cosplay.

Shiba inu becomes one of Naruto’s husbandos

Through Instagram, Shibainu223’s account shared an amazingly cute version of one of the strongest anime husbandos. That’s right! It’s about Kakashi Hatake and without a doubt it will be the best thing you can see this day thanks to this cute puppy.

Source: Instagram @shibainu223

As you can see, the tenderloin seems to be a big fan of Narutoespecially of this character, since he wears a vest used by the Chunin and Jonin grade ninjas, while wearing an almost silver gray wig and next to it one of the famous bands used by ninjas.

This Konoha band is used by the Japanese puppy that covers his eye and refers to the fact that Kakashi hides in this way the power of the Sharingan that he can use in great battles or with strong enemies to defeat them.

Without a doubt, with the advance of the history of NarutoKakashi became one of the favorite and beloved characters, so much so that he even enters the category of best anime husbands. What do you think of this cosplay of the shiba inu who played Kakashi?


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