Naruto Shippuden and the latest My Hero Academia movie arrive at Prime Video Spain

The Amazon platform will add to its anime catalog with Heroes World Mission and the first two seasons of the famous ninja series

not counting Crunchyrollthe more general platforms such as Netflix either Prime Video they are the best way to watch anime currently. Service amazon has a lot of japanese animationespecially thanks to its good relationship with Selecta Visionsince there is a lot of content licensed by the distributor in our country that reaches the platform: “Naruto”, “Kimetsu no Yaiba” or movies like “The Deer King” are good examples.

Today, I come to talk to you about Two new anime content coming soon to Prime Video Spain. It is nothing more and nothing less than “naruto shippuden” Y “My Hero Academia: World Heroes Quest”. I tell you all the details below, according to the information collected by Mission Tokyo.

Naruto and Deku arrive with more adventures to Prime Video Spain

This is all we need to keep in mind:

  • Naruto Shippuden” will arrive on Prime Video Spain on November 15. ⏳
  • For now, only the 2 first seasons. ✅
  • However, it is only a matter of time (perhaps not long) before upload the full anime.❤️
  • Let us remember that it arrives for the first time completely dubbed into Spanishand with a new and somewhat controversial dubbing. ⭐️
  • My Hero Academia: World Heroes Quest” will also be available on the platform next November 15. ⏳
  • This is the most recent film in the franchise, and it was released in our theaters in November 2021 (that is, it will hit the platform just one year later). ✅

And here comes the information about the Premiere of “Naruto Shippuden” and “My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission” on Prime Video Spain. In a couple of weeks we will have them here.

I only have to ask you… What do you think of the arrival of this new content? Personally, I am very happy, since they are two things that I really wanted to see. Does the same thing happen to you? I read you!

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