Naruto Shippuden cosplay by Ney shows Hinata as a member of Akatsuki

There is no doubt that he anime of Naruto Shippuden is still the best remembered for Masashi Kishimoto’s story, so they keep coming up cosplay inspired by the design of their characters. One of the most recent imagines hinata hyuga as a member of Akatsuki in a very revealing version thanks to neyrodesu or Ney.

Neyrodesu started cosplaying over six years ago but it wasn’t until 2019 that he started posting professional quality shoots. Since then, little by little, Ney has been adding fan service to her cosplays and the last ones that they have shown have surprised fans a lot because of this aspect, as we see with Hinata from Naruto Shippuden.

The first time we saw Ney in a Hinata cosplay was at the end of August, when she showed off a couple of pictures in her wig, bandana, and lewd shirt. A couple of weeks later, Ney showed off her Hinata cosplay in an Akatsuki outfit, albeit in a version full of fan service for Naruto Shippuden fans.

Ney in her Akatsuki Hinata cosplay.

Since then Ney has been constantly sharing photos of her Akatsuki version Hinata cosplay, as every couple of weeks she shares a new one in very revealing positions. Although the attitude that Ney shows in her Hinata cosplay is far from the original character, this does not seem to matter to her followers, as we see in the comments.

The last time Ney shared a photo in her Akatsuki Hinata cosplay was almost a month ago, so she could have shared all the ones she’s taken. Still, Neyrodesu hasn’t stopped being active and in this time she has continued to post new cosplay photos of popular characters, such as Yor Forger and Tifa Lockhart.

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