Naruto Shippuden details its premiere on Blu-ray in Spain: date, price, packs and gifts

naruto shippuden is about to live a sweet moment in Spain. Selecta Vision has confirmed all the details of the return of the second stage of Masashi Kishimoto’s work on the small screen; this time in different batches blu ray with the guarantee that it can be enjoyed not only in Japanese with subtitles, but with Spanish dubbing. The edition, designed for collectors, sets the month of April to kick off. let’s get to know All the details.

Date, price and subscription model: so you can get Naruto Shippuden in Spain

naruto shippuden is a very long series —the original series has 220 episodes; Shippuden has 500 episodes—. Selecta Vision will not publish all the boxes all at once, but periodically. To facilitate the payment and availability of each installment, the Spanish publisher will enable a model of subscription.

Although the total price of this BOX 1 (215 first episodes divided into eight packages) is 400 euros, those who subscribe will be able to access the lot for 350 euros (one of the eight packs is free). The estimated delivery date of BOX 1 is this next April 20, 2022.

  • Box 1: a total of eight packs (episode 1 to episode 215)
  • Special price
  • container box
  • Bandana Akatsuki
  • Naruto Vibration Stars Figure
  • coin set
  • card set

Matrioskas: from the Blu-ray to the package, from the package to the BOX

Delving deeper into the configuration of this Spanish edition of Naruto Shippuden, whose dubbing is provided by the company Shinyudenit can be said that each of the eight BOX 1 packs will consist of about 30 episodes (split across 4 Blu-rays); audio in Spanish with new dubbing in 2.0 DTS HD quality; the old original audio in 2.0 DTS HD quality; Japanese 2.0 DTS HD audio and Spanish subtitles for those who want it.

New voice cast for Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi…

Selecta Vision has confirmed some of the new voices that we will hear in this new Spanish dub of Naruto Shippuden. Contrary to the previous occasion, whose dubbing did not include the entire series —111 episodes were dubbed—, this time it will be so. These are the actors and actresses that we will get acquainted with from now on:

  • David Jenner (Rengoku in Night Watch/Kimetsu no Yaiba) — Naruto Uzumaki
  • Carlos Teruel (Akaza in Night Watch/Kimetsu no Yaiba) — Sasuke
  • Nerea Alfonso (Melisa in My Hero Academia: Dos Heroes) — Sakura
  • Tony Mora (Ikki of the Phoenix in Saint Seiya Hades) — Kakashi

Source | Select Vision