Naruto Shippuden escape game: ready to infiltrate the Blood Prison?

It’s a fun event that will speak to fans of the famous world of ninjas that Journal du Japon offers you in this article: the Naruto Shippuden escape game! Released on September 23 by Éditions Kana, this board game from Citel Games invites us to infiltrate the famous Blood Prison. The goal ? Help Naruto find the culprit who threatens the tranquility of this extraordinary prison by freeing all his prisoners! A puzzle and puzzle game, for ages 14 and up. Ready to infiltrate the Blood Prison alongside Naruto and unmask the culprit?

Meet at the Blood Prison

Naruto Shippuden : Blood Prison is the 5th film of Naruto shippuden. Released in the summer of 2011, the film features the incarceration of Naruto, accused of having attacked the Raikage and killed innocent people. It is indeed him that designates the victim still alive and the witnesses, no doubt about the person! However, the fox child proclaims his innocence. While waiting to conduct the investigation, Tsunade decides to have him locked up in the famous Blood Prison, a prison from which no ninja has ever been able to escape. The reason : Mui, the guardian, uses a special technique called “the celestial shackle” which prevents prisoners from kneading their chakra. Naruto is trapped.

Whether you have watched the film before or not, you should know that you do not have to know it before playing l’escape game Naruto Shippuden that we present to you here. In this game, you accompany Naruto in an exclusive investigation: since he managed to escape, the peace in the blood prison is threatened. A badly cared prisoner has indeed got his hands on the reel of the new sealing technique, used by the new guard. He can thus escape from the prison and take with him all his companions … Your mission: find the culprit and arrest him before it is too late!

How to play ?

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L’escape game Naruto Shippuden can be played in 3 modes: solo, co-op or competition. In solo and in co-op, the rules are the same and only the number of players changes. In competition, you form teams that compete in the resolution of the investigation. At Journal du Japon, we opted for the cooperation mode that we find more in line with the spirit of the escape game, but this possibility of confrontation will certainly make people happy.

The material of l’escape game Naruto Shippuden is only made up of cards accompanied by the rulebook and solutions. Grouped into 3 categories, we find:

  • the puzzles, which correspond to the 4 rooms of the prison: each offering 6 puzzles, so we have 24 puzzle cards;
  • the indices numbering 66;
  • and the chakra.

Chakra cards are only useful when playing in competition mode. In our case, in cooperation mode, we only use the puzzle and clue cards.

The game is set up very quickly: all you have to do is take one of the 6 riddle cards from each room (for example, riddle card 3 from the “prison yard” room, riddle card 5 from the “office of the prisoner” room. director ”and so on), place them in front of you, place the pile of puzzle cards on the side and start the soundtrack accessible via QR Code in the booklet. You are ready!

You will have understood it: you must solve the 4 puzzles that you have drawn. The order does not matter. Each of the 4 puzzles will give you indications on the clue cards that you must draw, either to solve the puzzle in question, or to provide you with key information on the identity of the culprit.

There are 4 types of information:

  • The village to which the culprit belongs,
  • whether or not it possesses a genetic attribute, or whether it is a receptacle or not,
  • whether he is armed or not
  • and, finally, whether it is an ally or a renegade.
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© Rokusan for Journal du Japon

These different pieces of information will help you find the culprit among the 16 suspects: would it be Tsunade ? or Kabuto ? May be The woman… or Kisame ? Hinata ? The table of suspects presents them each accompanied by symbols that refer to the 4 possible types of information. It is therefore thanks to the unique combination of all these symbols, which you will have collected during your investigation, that you will be able to name a culprit.

If you have followed correctly, then you understand that theescape game Naruto Shippuden is a game that can be played over and over again, as each combination of puzzles will point to a different culprit.

The Naruto escape game: for whom?

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L’escape game Naruto Shippuden is accessible from 14 years old. The theme of course makes the target obvious: addressed to all fans of Naruto, the game is a good puzzle game to be put in all the hands of apprentice ninjas who like reflection and deduction. The term puzzle game is used here because l’escape game Naruto Shippuden Escape game only in name when you are used to the famous games of the ranges Unlock Where Exit, to recite nobody else but them. It is indeed difficult to speak of immersion (even if the soundtrack helps well) in this game which is rather a game of puzzle solving and deduction when faced with a problem, rather than a real escape game. The puzzles are very down to earth: fairly logical calculations, riddles and deductions. There aren’t really any “excavations”, assemblies or innovative mechanics, nor any common thread. So do not expect what can be found in other specialized escape games, such as those mentioned above or others. The replayability of the game Naruto Moreover, it makes the escape game spirit of these specialized games almost impossible, since an escape game is only played normally once (there is only one story and one possible resolution).

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The game is a puzzle game, more or less difficult according to your abilities in the various fields requested and according to your ability to listen and exchange. Because, yes, this is precisely what is interesting with cooperative games like this: we develop here our communication and the quality of our exchanges to succeed in solving puzzles together.

Relatively fast enough, since there are only 4 puzzles to solve to find the culprit, the greatest difficulty of the game is ultimately to understand the table of resolutions, and therefore to confirm the identity of the culprit. A point that deserves to be improved.

Apart from this final difficulty, l’escape game Naruto Shippuden is a game that will undoubtedly delight fans of the title and fans of puzzles to solve. Offered at a price of 19.90 euros, the game should accompany you for a while!