Naruto Shippuden: Itachi becomes a waifu thanks to Nadyasonika’s cosplay – Senpai

an amazing and sexy cosplay made by the artist Nadyasonika, has turned Itachi Uchiha into a waifu of Naruto thus conquering the hearts of all the ninjas of the shinobi world and of all the fans of the adventures of the young Uzumaki.

Itachi is and always will be the favorite character of all fans of Naruto, all thanks to his heroic acts and the terrible life he had to face in order to safeguard the future of the Leaf Village, his clan and especially his brother Sasuke. Not to mention that above all the Uchiha has a very particular charm with which he has also earned the title of husbando.

But now, dear Itachi has received a brand new genderbend makeover than the Fireball Jutsu with which the former Akatsuki member becomes a beautiful girl. All thanks to this Mexican artist who presents us with this beautiful cosplay anime.

Photo: Instagram – @nadyasonika

As you can see, Itachi is wearing his Akatsuki robes, as well as his crossed out Konoha regulatory band, while wearing a kind of Akatsuki themed one-piece swimsuit that is more than incredible and that surely many We’re going to want one just like it.

Photo: Instagram – @nadyasonika

Among other details of this great anime cosplay, it uses a wig to create the shinobi’s hair, as well as lenses that simulate the Uchiha’s Sharingan, makeup to highlight the marks on his face and around float crow feathers alluding to Itachi’s Mangekyou.

By far one of the best Itachi cosplays we’ve seen and what better way to know that it comes from a cosplayer from Mexico.

What did you think of this sexy Itachi Uchiha cosplay?


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