Naruto Shippuden Receives An Amazing New Collection Of Funkos You’re Going To Want For Your Collection – Senpai

If you are a super fan of collectible figures and especially of the vinyl collectible figures of the Pop brand better known as funkosthen go preparing the portfolio because naruto shippuden will launch a new wave of bobbleheads that you will surely want for your collection.

Some of our favorite anime series, although they ended a few years ago, are still quite relevant because of the love we have for them and because of the different ways in which they are still present in our lives, such as through all kinds of articles. collectibles such as clothing, toys, figures and much more.

The Funko Pop brand! It is one of those that has been in charge of reminding us how many fans we are of all these works with which we have grown over the years thanks to its incredible dolls that are as adorable as they are great. In the case of naruto shippuden, there are already dozens of figures for sale, but since they are never enough, here are a few more coming out very soon starring Guy Sensei, Madara Uchiha, Young Kakashi and more.

Which is your favorite? | Photo: Funko

The new Funkos of naruto shippuden They include Maito Gai and Maito Gai Eight Gates figures, Kiba with Akamaru, Kotetsu Hagane with his Conch Mace, Madara Six Paths Sage Mode Funko, and Izumo Kamizuki figure.

Killer Bee’s is good, father! | Photo: Funko

But there are also the figures of Killer Bee, of young Kakashi Hatake with the activated Chidori that also glows in the dark, and also again the Funko of Madara Uchiha Sage Mode of the Six Paths but in a special edition that glows in the dark.

It should be noted that the new funkos of Naruto go on sale in November 2022they will have an average cost of $11.99 dollars and you can already set them aside through pages like Entertainment Earth.

What do you think of the new Funkos from naruto shippuden?


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