Naruto Shippuden: Review of Box 3 on Blu-Ray

We analyze in Cinemascomics the Blu-Ray with the Naruto Shippuden Box 3for the first time in high definition, without censorship and with a new dubbing.

It has finally arrived in Spain on Blu-Ray from naruto shippudenand in Cinemascomics we have analyzed the domestic edition of Box 3, which brings together episodes 58 to 84 of the continuation of Naruto, in an ideal pack for collectors, which includes the adventures experienced by Naruto as a teenager, the ninja of Konoha, the Hidden Leaf Village. The edition has the chapters for the first time in physical format in Spain, in very high image resolution, without censorship and with a new dubbing into Spanish.

Naruto Shippuden Box 3 is now available on Blu-Ray in this 27-episode bundle distributed on three discs in an amaray box, in which new packs will be added in the coming months that will include the rest of the episodes of this anime based on the story created by Masashi Kishimoto and directed in the series by Hayato Date, whose manga is published in Spain by Planeta Cómic, being one of the best-selling manga in the world. For its part, in Spain the anime was broadcast openly by Boing and Cuatro with great success. Naruto is one of the most searched anime series on Google, surpassing in searches even a classic and revered series in our country such as Dragon Ball Z.

About this edition

The series is a Japanese production and is available in its full and uncensored edition, in high definition 1080p – 16:9, with the dialogues both in the original version in Japanese and dubbed into Spanish (Audio 2.0 DTS HD), in addition to including subtitles. in Spanish. However, it does not have sound tracks in its audio in other languages ​​spoken in our territory, as is the case with the boxes of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. Great news is that this edition contains two audio tracks in Spanish, with the old dubbing and a new one made by Selecta Visión exclusively for this edition, also in 2.0 DTS HD.

The complete series released by Select Vision It will have a total of 215 chapters divided into 8 packs. This third pack is made up of 3 Blu-Ray discs, with the images of Asuma Sarutobi (son of the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi) on the first disc (Episodes 58 to 66), Ino Yamanaka on the second (Episodes 67 to 75) and Rock Lee in the third (Episodes 76 to 84). The Amaray box has a reversible cover with the list of chapters, with the translated name of each one of them and the synopsis. On the cover, Kakashi appears with the sharingan in the background; while images of the chapters and technical information for reproduction appear on the back cover, with frames of Naruto, Sai, Sakura, Asuma, Shikamaru and Chōji.

the pack

The rigid cardboard box that covers the box of amaray, has Deidara as a member of the Akatsuki on the back, with the cover image of Naruto surrounded by a dozen copies of him made with the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (shadow clone) ; and technical information, synopsis and images of the chapters on the back cover, where a full-length image of Asuma Sarutobi, teacher and instructor of the Ino-Shika-Chō Training, stands out.

In this way, we have analyzed the Blu-Ray pack that brings together chapters 58 to 84, which Selecta Vision has launched on the market in our country. We hope you enjoy the chapters as much as we have, based on the epic adventure created by Masashi Kishimoto, which is marketed for the first time in high definition, with a complete and uncensored edition.

The Serie

Naruto and his companions must resist the assault of Furido, who will use the Twelve Guardian Shinobi to sow destruction in the Hidden Leaf Village. Also, the renegade ninja reveals that the remains of the Nine-Tailed Fox that could not be sealed inside Naruto ended up inside Sora. Will Naruto be able to contain the power of the Nine-Tailed Fox and reach Sora’s heart? With Kakashi’s return, Naruto will resume training to master his new jutsu. Meanwhile, learning that two members of the Akatsuki, Kakuzu and Hidan, have destroyed the Fire Temple, Tsunade sends several newly formed teams to investigate, including one led by Asuma, but they soon become aware of its immense power.

a successful franchise

The Japanese animation adventure series from TV Tokyo and Pierrot animation studios is recommended for ages 12 and up, and this pack continues with one of the most beloved anime by fans, being one of the most watched franchises in Japan and also in the rest of the planet, with the distribution of thousands of merchandising products, video games, books, series and movies that expand the mangaka’s original plot, such as the recent Boruto series, which tells the adventures of Naruto’s son, accompanied by a whole new generation of ninjas from a renewed Konoha.

This third box of the manganime, whose continuation began in 2007, has a total duration of approximately 650 minutes and a screen format in high definition 1080p – 16:9, in a complete and uncensored edition, which Selecta Vision has launched on the market In our country.

This edition does not contain additional content, neither in physical format nor included in the discs.