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Among the villains they faced Naruto Uzumaki and his friends in his own series, one of the most fearsome was without a doubt the organization known as Akatsuki. From this emerged very powerful villains, and one of them was Deidara.

He was a native of Iwagakurethe Hidden Village among the Rocks. He is one of the characters that appeared in naruto shippuden after the temporary jump that it represented in the series, and since then it attracted attention.

Deidara always attracted attention in Naruto Shippuden

Deidara He was a young man with long blonde hair and blue eyes. He usually wore a ponytail hairstyle. A lock of hair used to cover a part of his face. He was wearing the traditional cloak of the Akatsukiin addition to the typical bandana on his head.

Something for which it was characterized is that it was very fickle. Sometimes he was calm, and other times he was easily enraged and angry. He also overreacted to some things.

This character of naruto shippuden He stood out for his love of art. Especially yours. He was very good at making clay figures…explosive! That was the basis of his technique, and on each of his palms he had a mouth with which he molded this material.

Usually, he used his ability to create energy-laden animals. chakra, which moved and exploded when he wanted it to. They could even get bigger.

Naruto Shippuden: This is what Akatsuki's Deidara would look like if he were a woman

This interpretation retains several elements of this villain

Deidara He has a small fan base, which from time to time dedicate some tributes to him. This in the form of fan art Y cosplay. In the case of the latter, we bring them a contribution from the cosplayer shanda cavich (@shandacavich).

As you can see, this is an interpretation. gender bender (sex change). Much of what we mentioned before about her is reflected in her appearance and attire, such as her outfit.

The same can be said for his hair and its hairstyle, as well as the color of his eyes. The bandana could not be missing either. Looks like he took a little liberty when it came to the outfit.

Regarding the place where the photo was taken, it gives the impression that it is some kind of staircase. It is an interesting interpretation of Deidara of naruto shippuden before he died. Although she later came back to life, his appearance had some changes.