Naruto showed one of the most tragic sacrifices in his history

These are some of the saddest and most moving moments in the series.

In part of the history of Naruto we saw the Kaguya War, where there were a lot of rivalries and invasions in the shinobi world. All of this provided a broader context for the division of the ninja nations, preparing them to Naruto unites everyone and in this way he defended himself against the Rabbit Princess. Because of this, there were many brutal deaths, but not all of them were murders, so here we show you three of the saddest sacrifices that marked the history of Naruto.

Shisui’s Sacrifice

Shisui was one of the most talented Uchihama shinobi in the series, and whom a young Itachi admired. Unfortunately, Shisui would discover that his clan was seeking a coup, thus breaking Hashirama’s vision. This proved that the madara’s malice was still present, so the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, wanted him to use his dojutsu, the Kotoamatsukami, to mentally control them and erase thoughts of hatred.

But nevertheless, Shisui couldn’t act in time since Danzo stole his eye. He would leave the other eye to Itachi, jumping off a cliff to send a message of resistance to his people. It was quite heartbreaking and it awakened the Mangekyō Sharingan within Itachi. After all, Shisui knew that from then on he was weaker and needed Itachi’s help to save the village. This motivated Itachi to help Naruto and Sasuke afterwards, but what made it even more poignant is that Shisui’s sacrifice had to remain secret, for which it never received the praise it deserved.

Obito turns into a ghost

When Obito realized that he and Madara had unintentionally become Kaguya’s pawns, he switched sides and joined Kakashi like in his childhood. Obito used his Kamui to teleport Sasuke and Sakura back so they could all fight Kaguya, but decided to give up his life in order to protect Kakashi. He teleported the killing blow Kaguya sent him, hoping it would make up for his betrayal.

However, when Obito set out to Limbo to reunite with his former teammate Rin, he decided to use her spirit to inhabit Kakashi’s body. This allowed Kakashi use Obito’s Mangekyo Sharingan, making a Susanoo to provide support for Naruto and Sasuke. This fact helped them defeat Kaguya, with Obito’s spirit finally returning home. Kakashi was able to forgive his former partner, and was even more understanding as Obito achieved his goal of performing a feat worthy of legendary Hokages like Hashirama and Tobirama.


Minato and Kushina save Naruto

When Kushina gave birth to Naruto, Obito stole the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox from him., Kurama. Fortunately, Minato stopped the melee and took him home with him, as Kushina wanted Kurama back inside her, even if it meant his death due to his weakness. Instead, Minato chose to seal it into Naruto, believing that Naruto would transform him into a force for good, but tragedy would be forthcoming as performing this dangerous seal would end in disgrace.

Kurama, enraged at being trapped in a container again, tried to use his claws to kill the boy and thus gain his freedom, but prodded Kurama. Minato and Kushina, who jumped in to save the baby. It was a moving moment, as while they were protecting their son, they were risking their lives to keep him safe. Before they died, they gave Naruto words of inspiration, and years later, when he met their spirits, they were extremely proud that redeem kurama and become the chosen one. Naruto cried when they met on this astral plane, but deep down, he knew that if they hadn’t died that night, he wouldn’t have been able to become a hero.


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