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More than two decades after its original release, Naruto continues to be one of the most important works of Japanese animation today, so it is not surprising that it receives different types of tributes from other authors.

Recently, an illustration he made went viral Takeshi Obata, creator of Death Note, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Naruto in 2009. In it you can see the very characteristic style that he printed in the franchise starring Light Yagami, giving a more somber aspect to the seventh hokage.

In 2006, Obata surprised the world with his illustrations for Death Note, a manga written by Tsugumi Oba which quickly became very popular. Since then, he became one of the most famous mangakas on the planet, so he was a participant in the tribute to Naruto that Weekly Shonen Jump magazine made.

naruto, death note

A unique version of Naruto

Takeshi Obata printed a unique style on Death Note with the character design, so he did not hesitate to do the same to portray the protagonist of the series of Masashi Kishimoto.

In this illustration, Naruto It shows a darker side and looks more intimidating than it reflects in the original series. It is a design that immediately refers to Death Note, with dark lines and a technique that we do not see in anyone else.

This version of Naruto Uzumaki was part of a celebration for the 10th anniversary of the series of Kishimoto, in 2009, but recently came to light through social media. In this way, we can appreciate how a character can vary depending on the creativity and ingenuity that the author gives it.

naruto, takeshi obata

Can you imagine what Naruto would have been like if Oba and Obata had created him? It is definitely something that more than one fan would like.