Naruto shows up at a volleyball match in the most surprising way.


Naruto fans are found even in professional sports

It is possible that Naruto is one of the most influential anime series in recent years, along with Bleach and One Piece, it was one of the works of the early 2000’s that were distributed with the greatest success in the West. For this reason, it is not surprising that there are fans of this franchise all over the world, although it is equally surprising that Real-life athletes like the National Basketball Association, the National Football League and the UFC are known fans of this ninja’s adventures. Although, on this occasion it seems that the jutsus of the ninja world have made their way into the Brazilian volleyball games.

on the official reddit From Naruto, a recording of a Brazilian volleyball game was shared where we see Darlan Ferreira Souza, who took the opportunity to throw some hand signals that, in the world of Naruto, would generally release a fireball or a fire attack. rays that would be generated at the fingertips of the ninja who launches said sign, he seems to be quite an expert in genjutsu and ninjutsu (although, according to his powers, he could be an expert in taijutsu).

This small gesture may not give him the ultimate victory in the final game, but it will surely allow him to unleash all the power that is sealed by the kyubin. Honestly, it’s not surprising that anime is becoming more and more popular among athletes, given its constant message of self-improvement and support for the weakest people.

If you are a fan of Naruto, surely you remember the arc of growth that Rock Lee had at the time, from his fight against Gaara that took him to the limit, despite not being able to use genjutsus or ninjutsus. In his case, it was Guy-sensei who was by his side the whole time, believing in his potential to achieve his dreams. Perhaps this, like other stories, inspired this Brazilian player to achieve his professional dreams.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations continues the ninja legend

To this day, in the sequel series to Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, there are still countless ninjas who invoke these hand signals to carry out their techniques, though with the power of Karma implemented by heroes and villains alike, sometimes jutsus can take a backseat to some wild attacks generated by the heavenly clan known as Otsutsuki or technology generated from Amado’s mind.

Boruto: NAruto next generations

Currently, the Boruto manga and anime are at two very different stages for the new incarnation of Team 7’s journey, with the story in print continuing to see the Hidden Leaf take on the Kara Organization. Of course, Kara is now under new management with Code taking the lead following Jigen’s death. As Code assembles a new group of rogue ninjas to help avenge his master, it seems that Konoha is also seeing some major benefits in adding Amado to his ranks.

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