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Sakura Haruno stands out among many of the characters of Naruto due to her unbreakable will as a warrior, her desire to support her companions without expecting anything in return, and above all the particular design that Masashi Kishimoto conferred on her. Curiously, in the first sketch that the mankaga made of the kunoichi we can see a quite different Sakura from the one we were introduced to at the beginning of the series, and for your confirmation, we present this design below.

The first version of the most beautiful waifu in Naruto

The initial sketches of Sakura Haruno, the beautiful pink hair waifu Team 7 member were made by Masashi Kishimoto in the year 1999, shortly before starting to serialize the manga of Naruto on the Shonen Jump, but they were not shown to the public until 2002 with the publication of the book Naruto Secrets: Scriptures of Confrontation, the first of four compilations of profiles and secrets of the characters in this work.

A first design quite similar to the one that Kishimoto would end up using | Image: Shueisha

In essence, the Sakura sketches made by the mangaka do not differ much from the design that he would later give to the powerful kunoichi. However, it is worth mentioning that how we see Sakura Haruno in these pencil drawings was not how the character was introduced to us at the beginning of the series, because in the first episodes of Naruto the member of the team 7 she would be seen with much longer hair.

Let’s remember that the look of Sakura with short hair we did not meet him until the arrival of the Chunin Exams Arc, when subdued by Kin Tsuchi, the ninja was forced to cut her hair with a kunai to launch the offensive against the Dosu Team, which was under the influence of the evil Orochimaru.

The manga would repent and make Sakura’s hair longer | Image: Pierrot

In this way, we notice that the mangaka had the intention of showing us Sakura Haruno with short hair from the beginning. However, before starting his series Kishimoto realized that it would be more interesting to see the kunoichi losing her long hair: on the one hand, it would develop her character more consciously, and on the other hand, it could show us a different version of the waifu that fans of this great series love so much today.

And you, what do you think of the first design that Sakura Haruno had?


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