Naruto: Spanish model makes tremendous Tsunade cosplay in body painting

As you may have noticed, cosplay has the great advantage of having almost endless properties from which you can take inspiration to bring different characters to real life. And that is what has happened with the talented @yaizaperez who has given us her own body painting version of Tsunade, a well-known Naruto character.

That’s how it is, Naruto is the place where this new and interesting cosplay of Tsunade made by @yaizaperez, which has the peculiarity of being executed entirely in body paintingexcept for some additional details, which makes it especially fascinating.

Naruto: Spanish model makes tremendous Tsunade cosplay in body painting

Konoha’s “Legendary Loser” appears here in an excellent way, thanks also to the very nice figure of @yaizaperez and also to the particular technique used to reproduce her features, that is, full body painting (or almost), so We can see.

Thus, the Fifth Hokage is presented to us not so much by creating an outfit, but by painting it directly on the model’s body, but with remarkable fidelity to the original. Also clearly visible are the signs of Rebirth on @yaizaperez’s face, which appear when the character uses the most extreme form of his particular ninja medical ability.

Always a popular character among cosplayersbut also very attractive for all fans of the series Naruto, Tsunade She is the Fifth Hokage of the Leaf Village, and in addition to being a skilled fighter, she is also a powerful medical ninja.

We’ve already seen various interpretations of her by various cosplayers, but this is one of the rare instances where she’s depicted through body paint instead of an actual costume.

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