Naruto Symphonic Experience, a “mang’opera”

On stage, under the giant screen on which the name of Naruto is displayed in large, there is everything. Strings, brass, but also drums, electric guitar and traditional Japanese instruments. They are ready to ring for the Naruto Symphonic Experience. Julien Vallespi, creator of this cine-concert, comes back to us on the Naruto phenomenon: “ Naruto is 20 years of success. These are young people who discovered this apprentice ninja at the very beginning, and who, little by little, followed him on a lot of adventures. Today these young people have become parents and they in turn pass on to their children “.

For children and their parents, Julien Vallespi has therefore imagined a show, which mixes music and image. And who comes back to the story of this young ninja: It is truly a creation. This film is unpublished, it is the summary of the first 220 episodes of Naruto, it was necessary to make a selection on more than 110 hours of anime. Then we had to write this score that didn’t exist, taking the existing music, but rearranging it so that the ODINO orchestra could highlight this incredible music of diversity, sensitivity, energy too, because the rock is really part of this composition. »

Leitmotifs, as in Wagner’s operas

The existing music is by Toshio Masuda, and ” fans know them by heart “says Julien Vallespi. Rock, pop, symphonic, it is the ODINO orchestra which interprets this score with, at its head, its musical director Sylvain Audinovski, who describes it to us: Quite simply, it’s a manga opera. That is to say, it is a Japanese Wagner. In Wagner there are leitmotivs, themes that recur for each character. It’s exactly the same in Naruto. I think of the themes of the villain for example, Orochimaru, I love them, they are references to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. It’s exactly like an opera, it works the same way. »

On stage, it is impossible not to notice the percussionist Manon Duchemann, behind her Taiko, a huge flamboyant red Japanese drum. The musician talks about her reaction when we told her about the project: “ It was immediately of interest, especially because I already knew the manga, so the story. And then I like this aspect of mixing genres and discovering traditional Japanese instruments. Obviously we still always ask small questions to know if we will be able to fulfill the mission, since it mixes a lot of things. »

Get ready for two hours of rich music on ninja fight scenes, which are just as rich. With, no doubt, a chorus of reactions in the room, children and their parents.

Naruto Symphonic Experience is all over France, until December. The next dates are scheduled at the Zénith de Toulouse on Saturday November 5 and at the Dôme de Marseille on Sunday November 6.

4 mins