Naruto Takes On Ichigo In This Stunning Mash-up TechRadar

Naruto’by Naruto Uzumaki and BleachIchigo Kurosaki’s Ichigo Kurosaki pit their respective powers against each other in a crossover video imagining a fight between the two of them! One of the most classic debates among anime and manga fans is trying to determine which of the two characters would ultimately win in a fight. The main characters of the Shonen Jump action series often become the strongest fighters in their respective worlds, and that only makes fans curious as to how those abilities would work outside of that context in other spaces. We always wondered how these massive fights would actually play out.

While there have been some official crossovers between Shonen Jump’s action series in some anime and video game specials, there has yet to be a real fleshed out fight between two characters. It’s probably because there would be concern about which character would come out on top, but since the fans don’t have to worry about that aspect, they can make those kind of dream fights happen. by themselves. Such an imaginary fight between Naruto’Naruto and BleachIchigo’s was shared by SethTheProgrammer on Twitter, and it’s so nifty that we really need to see an official fully realized version someday! Check it out below:

Fortunately, both naruto and Bleach franchises are in the midst of new projects this year. Boruto: Naruto Next GenerationsThe anime continues to release new episodes every week, and the manga releases new chapters every month. As for Tite Kubo Bleach, the franchise is gearing up for a big comeback. Not only did Kubo return to the manga with a special new chapter to honor his 20th anniversary (which kicks off a whole new arc after the original series’ final moments), but the anime will be returning later this year.

Bleach: Bloody Thousand Year War is currently slated for release this fall, but has yet to confirm any concrete release information as of this writing. The anime will adapt the final arc of the original manga series that fans have been asking to see for several years, so expect Ichigo Kurosaki himself to make a massive return as the classic Shonen Jump hero returns. in the spotlight after all this time.

But what do you think? Who do you think would ultimately win in the fight between Naruto and Ichigo? What would such a fight look like in its entirety? Which of the two would have the most advantages? Let us know all your thoughts on this in the comments!