Naruto Teases Boruto’s Terrifying New Bloodline

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations shares some major teases for Boruto Uzumaki’s terrifying new bloodline with the newest chapter in the series! The manga still comes on the heels of one of the series’ biggest twists to date, as Boruto and Kawaki’s fight with Code soon led to Momoshiki Otsutsuki regaining control of Boruto’s body. It was then revealed that Kawaki once again had a new, fully-powered Karma, and with this power, he fulfilled his vow to kill Boruto before Momoshiki could use his body for terrible purposes. As we last saw, Boruto had no chance of recovering.

It was a killing blow that punched a hole straight through Boruto’s chest, and he was left for dead at the end of the previous chapter. Naturally, the series wouldn’t kill off its main character (especially knowing that Boruto and Kawaki still have major roles to play in the future of Hidden Leaf Village), but it seems bringing Boruto to life is just as daunting a task as you. . would expect. This comes with the major caveat that Boruto’s body is now more changed than ever thanks to an end use of Karma.

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 67 of the series brings Boruto back to life through one last use of his Karma, and Momoshiki contacts him to explain that he was able to replace Boruto’s missing organs not only with the DNA information constructed from his own body, but also those of Boruto. This means that he will never be able to fully wake up in Boruto’s body as it is a full use of his Karma, but at the same time Boruto cannot celebrate. Momoshiki confirms that Karma has completely extracted 100% of Otsutsuki’s DNA and thus Boruto is officially a full Otsutsuki.

Momoshiki confirms that he will always be a fitting sacrifice for the Ten Tails and that he still has something terrible to come in his future. Boruto’s body is now more changed than ever, and while he’s not dead, it’s not exactly something he can really be happy with yet. At the same time, Boruto at least has a chance of trying to put an end to Code’s plans this way.

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