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All the kunoichi from the hidden villages that we know of demonstrated their true power in naruto shippudenand one of them without a doubt was Temari Nara, the powerful sister of the Fifth Kazekage who now comes to life in a cosplay which is truly beautiful.

Temari has not accompanied since the third season of Naruto (little) when she and her two brothers arrived at the Leaf Village to present the chunin exams, and in turn consolidate Orochimaru’s evil plan who was manipulating the people of Sunagakure .

Later she continued to appear throughout Shippuden, she was an important ninja during the Fourth War and finally married Shikamaru, so we have been able to continue seeing her in action in Boruto manga and anime. However, her best moments were during the glow of her youth, when she wore that iconic and elegant black kimono fastened with a red obi, and she waved her amazing fan every one of her had the opportunity to do so. , just like this girl does in her anime cosplay.

Photo: Instagram – @pretty_garden_inside_you

This first photograph of the artist is a true beauty because we can perfectly see how the kunoichi of the sand as it comes to life in a night environment that looks perfect for meditation and training. We can also see that she wears the aforementioned kimono, as well as the incredible fan that seems to be taken from a movie live action from Narutowhile his figure is reflected in the water with the light of the moon.

Photo: Instagram – @pretty_garden_inside_you

the spectacular cosplay of anime she still has more to show, since this girl has decided to take temari to a place more in keeping with her origins. A desert plain where she gives us a great shinobi pose with her fan that opportunely covers her from the sun’s rays.

Obviously the photos are edited, but in an incredible way because it really makes the scenes selected by the artist look real, who has not provided one of the best cosplay of Gaara’s sister that we have ever seen.

what did you think of this cosplay by Temari in naruto shippuden?


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