Naruto: That’s how powerful Itachi could have been without his illness

Had it not been for his illness, he would have become the most powerful ninja of all.

The Leaf Village has the best ninjas who has known this anime. The great shinobi that have come out of this, managed to stand out among all the other nations that exist in this series.

One of the great ninjas of the blade who was a prodigy from birth is: Itachi Uchiha, a prominent shinobi, who was sentenced to live in the shadows and in deep pain. Due to a terrible mission that he had to accomplish to keep this village safe.

Itachi From his childhood, he showed great physical and technical ability, as he managed to master all the jutsus of his clan with great ease, just as he awakened his Sharingan at a young age, showing that he had great potential, which he was unable to develop due to his fatal illness.

Recently, doubts have arisen about the power Itachi could have had had he not died of his illness. Next, we tell you the details.

How powerful would Itachi have been?

Itachi Uchiha, the ninja prodigy of the blade

Itachi Uchiha, the ninja prodigy of the blade

Itachi Uchiha, one of the prodigies of this powerful clan, had to bear the enormous weight of having annihilated all his relatives, as they were planning a revolt against the leaf village.

From his childhood, Itachi stood out among the other Uchiha, managing to awaken his Sharingan at eight years of age, this young man was trained by Shisui, his best friend and another talent of this clan, managing to exponentially increase his physical abilities.

Itachi went on to make a great path after officially becoming a blade ninja, where he quickly managed to stand out and accomplish his missions with resounding success. Some time later, he joined the ANBU, where he was promoted to team captain in no time at just eleven years old. Him proving once again how skilled and capable he was, despite being so young.

After being given the tragic mission of assassinating his clan, he left the village and joined a criminal organization called Akatsuki, along with other villains and deserters. Where he teamed up with Orochimaru, who aroused some interest in this shinobi’s eye techniques, as they were very powerful.

Itachi managed to awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan and with this access incredible eye techniques such as Amaterasu and tsukoyomi, which he frequently used to neutralize his opponents.

By having greater control of his Sharingan, Itachi managed to awaken the Susano, a giant spirit that protects its bearer, serving as a strong armor, this jutsu could only be used only by the Uchiha who had an incredible eye level.

This incredible potential that Itachi showed at his young age made it clear that he was profiled to be the best ninja in his clan or in the Shinobi world. Well, being so young he had managed to achieve powerful techniques and rub shoulders with the strongest characters in anime.

The feats that Itachi achieved in his life had only been achieved in the past by the ghost of the Uchiha, Madara, who was also the founder of this clan and a powerful villain in this series. He being one of the most significant and strongest ninjas in the work.

For this reason, it can be speculated that if it had not been for the illness that Itachi had, he would have managed to overcome characters like Madara Uchiha or the first Hokage with great ease, becoming the most powerful ninja in the shinobi world, well, this in his At a young age he had shown signs of possessing overwhelming hidden potential.

How did Itachi’s illness limit his enormous potential?

Itachi's terrible illness was the limitation for him not to fully develop his potential

Itachi’s terrible illness was the limitation for him not to fully develop his potential

The great potential that Itachi had throughout the series was diminished by his terrible illness, of which there is not much information about it.

This disease was the limitation of Itachi’s powers and abilities, since it caused him enormous physical and eye wear, since he was going blind from making so much use of his Mangekyo.

Due to this terrible disease, Itachi could not fully develop as expected, as his body was not in the best condition to keep up with the incredible power he had, completely limiting this shinobi to short combat and not being able to show off your strength.

Itachi died very young from this disease, so he was unable to reach his full potential. Had this not happened, this ninja would have easily surpassed the strongest shinobi in this series.

Despite this, Itachi remains one of the strongest and most relevant characters in the entire history of Naruto.