Naruto: the 10 best anime references, from the Simpsons to Titeuf

naruto rocked the childhood of many anime and manga fans. Since 1999, the work of Masashi Kishimoto has become a real reference, whether in manga culture, or in general culture. Besides, naruto had such an impact, that many works wanted to pay tribute to him! Here are the top 10 best references to the most famous ninja manga.

250 million is the total number of copies of the manga naruto sold worldwide. Everyone knows Kishimoto’s work. And if we told you what the simpsons, dead Pool and many others know it too?

1 – Naruto in The simpsons

The simpsons and in general, the inhabitants of Springfield have taken to caricaturing famous figures. And it is in famous Halloween episodes that the little family has the most fun surprising us. Indeed, in the episode XXV of Halloween, we can see Maggie disguised as Pikachu, Homer disguised as Zoro of One Piece, and Bart, in Naruto! From Springfield to Konoha, there is only one step.


2 – Football 2 Street

In Football 2 Street, Tag and his buddies use their passion for street football to combat the difficulties of the world around them. But during one episode, these difficulties strangely resemble a trio that we know well: Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. And yes, even in our favorite cartoons, Masashi Kishimoto’s manga is present!


© France 3

3 – Ben 10

We continue with the cartoons of our childhood! Who would have thought that an easter egg naruto hiding in the world of Benjamin Tennyson? In this episode, we can see 3 children strangely resembling a Konoha trio: Konohamaru, Udon and Moegi. Simple coincidence or real reference? The details seem to speak for themselves, Naruto shines even in the Omnitrix!


© Cartoon Network © Twitter: @mohaasko

4 – Assasination Classroom

An anime within an anime? Christopher Nolan has the script for his next film! And it’s in Assassination Classroom that we see Koro Sensei wearing a ninja headband on which the Konoha emblem is engraved. Yūsei Matsui probably wanted to pay a small tribute to Masashi Kishimoto, one of his examples in manga.



5 – Yu Gi Oh!

“It’s time for the dududu-duel!” We would never have imagined that this sentence could come out of the mouth of one of the inhabitants of Konoha. And yet! In an episode of the anime based on Kazuki Takahashi’s manga and card game, we see two characters in the crowd telling us something… You’re not dreaming, they are indeed Choji and Shikamaru! What are they doing there? We do not know anything. But Choji doesn’t seem to be too out of place, since we see him stuffing himself with chips.


©Konami ©Reddit

6 – american dad

Although a fairly low-key reference, Naruto appears in the town of Langley Falls, Virginia. Indeed, we see in an episode ofamerican dad, a queue to enter a costume party. One of the characters is openly disguised as Naruto! A small ref that we are happy to appreciate by surprise in front of our screen.


© FOX © Reddit

7 – Dead Pool and naruto’s dream

Hold on tight, you’re going to be surprised. The superhero Deadpool also has his references, even in his dreams. In this box of the comic, we can read that Wade Wilson claims to want ” Oblige the village to be grateful to him, for once. ». An ambition well known to fans of naruto. He adds “I will be Hokage!“. That’s a reference.


© Marvel Comics

8 – Bakuman

manga Bakuman written by Tugumi Ōba and drawn by Takeshi Obata (the manga duo Death Note) makes many references to One Piece, Dragon Ball, and many others. It is therefore natural that apprentice mangakas Mashiro and Takagi follow the adventures of naruto ! In this screenshot from an episode of the anime, we see the duo of young boys rejoicing while reading a Weekly Shōnen Jump featuring the famous Uzumaki on the cover!


©2010 Tsugumi Ohba, Takeshi Obata, Shueisha

9 – Attack the Block

Attack the Block is a British film directed by Joe Cornish released in 2011. And even in a British film, naruto is quoted! Manga fans who saw the feature film had to jump on their chairs (at least that’s what we did). At this point in the film, Moses is seen saying, “Go home. Lock your door. Do your homework. Looked naruto“. That’s what we call good advice!


©Attack The Block

10 – rick and morty (and naruto)

Remember: in episode 7 of Season 5 of rick and morty entitled Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion, the giant baby born from incest in space is a big reference to naruto. And what better than to call the baby “Naruto” to wink at Masashi Kishimoto’s manga?


© Adult Swim

Small bonus!

In the comics Titeufwe can see the character of Hugo disguised as Naruto!


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So, which reference is your favorite?