Naruto: The 5 Most Useless Jutsu (And 5 Ways To Improve Them)

Naruto is one of the most successful anime and manga franchises that has dominated both the Japanese and Western markets for years, and for good reason. It’s fun, full of drama and action, and the shinobi world is full of excitement and wonder.

“Jutsu” refers to the mystical arts that a shinobi can use in battle. To use these jutsu, a shinobi must manipulate his chakra and use hand seals to create the desired result. In Naruto, there are many powerful jutsu, such as Rasenshuriken, but there are also some useless jutsu. However, with some improvements, even these inferior techniques could be made more effective.

10 Useless: The Rope Escape Jutsu Isn’t Worth The Effort

A shinobi has to be able to escape from any bad situation. Therefore, the first jutsu taught to shinobi at the Hidden Leaf Village Academy is the rope escape jutsu. Shinobi are taught from a young age that if they are tied down, they have to find any way to free themselves.

This could mean undoing the knots or dislocating the joints and fingers so that they come loose from their ties. Although it is a rank E jutsu, and very basic, it is actually very complicated to perform.

9 How to improve: Allow the user to escape any form of confinementnaruto los 5 jutsu mas inutiles y 5 formas de mejorarlos 1

By using the rope escape jutsu, a shinobi can only escape the ropes by undoing the knots or by injuring himself. In addition, it is a very complicated jutsu to perform for such a basic skill. To improve this jutsu, some changes could be made

There should be two versions of this jutsu: one complicated and one simplified. The simplified version would be used to escape the ropes, while the more complicated version could be used to get out of more sophisticated forms of confinement, such as Kankuro’s Iron Maiden.

8 Useless: The Shuriken Jutsu of the tiles could be much strongernaruto los 5 jutsu mas inutiles y 5 formas de mejorarlos 2

Shuriken tile jutsu is an offensive form of ninjutsu that a shinobi can use to levitate tiles and use them as projectiles in combat. Once levitated, they can be controlled and manipulated at the will of the shinobi. For example, they can be thrown in any direction to attack an opponent.

The interesting thing about this jutsu is that a shinobi can press the tiles with chakra. This means that the shuriken of the shingles becomes much stronger than normal shingles. The only person who used this jutsu in the series was Hiruzen Sarutobi.

7 How to improve: The tiles must be joined together to make bigger and stronger shurikennaruto los 5 jutsu mas inutiles y 5 formas de mejorarlos 3

In episode 69 of Naruto, Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Hokage at that time, uses the Shuriken jutsu of tiles against Orochimaru. As useful as it seems to be able to use the surrounding infrastructure as weapons with this jutsu, it was practically ineffective against Orochimaru.

To make this jutsu more useful, Hiruzen could have attached the tiles to form a much larger and stronger shuriken. Just as Naruto was able to turn the Rasengan into a Giant Rasengan, having more power behind Teja’s Shuriken jutsu would have made it more effective and damaging – especially if the tiles were strengthened with his chakra.

6 Useless: The Hidden Lotus Jutsu overwhelms the usernaruto los 5 jutsu mas inutiles y 5 formas de mejorarlos 4

The Hidden Lotus jutsu, also known as Reverse Lotus, occurs when a shinobi opens a minimum of three of the Eight Gates. The Eight Gates are used to limit the flow of chakra within a ninja’s body in order to protect him from physical and mental harm. When these doors are opened, you are given access to more of your body chakra. But normally, a person can only support 20% of their potential.

When the third gate is opened, the user becomes incredibly fast and is capable of striking with great force, if his attacks can come to fruition. The downside is that this state is extremely wearisome to the body and does not last long.

5 How to improve: Increase the resistance and the time that the doors can remain opennaruto los 5 jutsu mas inutiles y 5 formas de mejorarlos 5

When used, the Hidden Lotus jutsu can be quite effective, but only if the attacks come to fruition. With the amount of energy it takes to maintain it and the short time that the doors can remain open, the Hidden Lotus can end up being useless in practice.

To make this jutsu more useful, it would be convenient to increase the time that the doors remain open. It would also be beneficial if the user’s stamina could be increased, but this could only be possible if the amount of chakra accessed is slightly reduced. This would mean that his attacks would not be as strong, but the user could wear down his opponent both mentally and physically if he could keep the doors open for longer.

4 Useless: The flower-necked lizard jutsu is sillynaruto los 5 jutsu mas inutiles y 5 formas de mejorarlos 6

Tobi, who is later revealed to be an Obito Uchiha in disguise, is one of the main antagonists of the series. While under Tobi’s guidance, he is goofy and likes to joke around. He enjoys making fun of his superiors and has fun making enemies with people.

With this in mind, when he performed the Scowl Neck Lizard jutsu, many fans believed that it was only for comedic purposes, and they were right. This jutsu does nothing, unless surprising an already stunned shinobi counts. Otherwise it is practically useless.

3 How to improve: When the wheels are open, the speed and evasion of the user should increasenaruto los 5 jutsu mas inutiles y 5 formas de mejorarlos 7

In order for Tobi to perform the flower-necked lizard jutsu, he has to be face down and needs a cape to flow around him to serve as a flower. Although this jutsu is useless, it could be improved. Faun necked lizards open their ruffles to warn predators, and they are also incredibly fast.

In the same way as the lizard, the Flask-necked Lizard’s jutsu could be turned into a form of genjutsu. This would allow the user to escape or help increase their speed and evasion ability.

2 Useless: The Transformation Technique Doesn’t Fool Everyonenaruto los 5 jutsu mas inutiles y 5 formas de mejorarlos 8

The transformation technique, or Henge no Jutsu, allows a shinobi to change his appearance to resemble another person. This mode of deception can be quite useful in certain circumstances.

However, the Transformation Technique only changes the physical appearance of a shinobi. It does not disguise its scent or its chakra. If there were some kind of sensory ninja nearby, they would be able to detect the jutsu user immediately, and in stealth missions, this form of jutsu would be useless.

1 How to Improve: Transform and disguise the chakra and scents, not just the appearancenaruto los 5 jutsu mas inutiles y 5 formas de mejorarlos 9

Although the Transformation Technique has many good qualities, the fact that a shinobi can be detected by its chakra and its scent is a major drawback. To make this jutsu more useful, it would be beneficial to have two varieties: a basic Transformation jutsu and a more advanced Transformation jutsu.

The basic jutsu would remain the same, while the advanced jutsu would not only disguise the appearance of a shinobi, but also disguise his chakra and scent. This would make them practically undetectable. This jutsu would be more difficult to perform, but the added benefits would be worth the effort.