Naruto: The brutal live-action fan who ‘is better than the official live-action’

Live-action is always a tricky subject and even more so when ‘dangerous’ licenses come into play. I mean, I don’t know how many moments of losing my mind generated something like “Dragon Ball Evolution” at the time, but I am convinced that few precisely were not. That said, it is clear that there are animes with which you have to tread carefully when facing this kind of project. Even so, that has not prevented a a small fan group pay an incredible tribute to “Naruto.

Naruto revives (for good) in a most unexpected live-action

Before commenting a bit on ‘the move’ of the moment, I’ll leave you with what becomes the muscle of the tremendous live-action of “Naruto” that is sweeping RRSS:

And then I tell you four things about this that I think are worth evaluating:

  • To begin, it must be said that you can see the full video find at this link. It also presents certain moments behind the scenes of those in charge so that we can see how everything was developing little by little. ✔️
  • Also, I think it is important to also bear in mind that those in charge are more of a kung fu loving group not entirely devoted to anime. Yes, it is true that they have several projects like this, but those derive precisely from the fact that they can carry out the action scenes thanks to their knowledge of martial art. ✔️
  • The live-action is impressive not because of its budget or detailed recreation of the physique, outfit and other characters of Naruto, but because as the tweet shows, is able to follow the anime’s combat maneuvers to the millimeter. Simply incredible. ❗

To all this, which may not surprise anyone but well: “Naruto” remains the most searched anime on the Internet in 2022. Personally I’m surprised and no: we’ve been saying that the story is from “Boruto” for years! In any case, the reality is that Kishimoto-sensei’s work is one that continues to mark many today. If you want to know what other animes are among the most sought after today, I recommend you visit the article that I have shared with you.

Naruto Synopsis

In the Hidden Leaf Village, a most troublesome kid who studies at the ninja school, Naruto, is dedicated to plotting prank after prank. Naruto’s dream is to one day inherit the name of Hokage, reserved for great heroes, and to become the greatest ninja of all time. Will he be able to fulfill his longing for greatness?!